Nikon Camera Price in Nepal

Looking for a new camera? Nikon can be your first camera follow this post to know about the Nikon Camera Price in Nepal. After Canon and Sony, Nikon is a big name in the camera industry. Being the oldest brand they are known for their DSLRs ranging from beginners to professionals. But, before buying cameras from any brand either Canon, Sony or Nikon switching becomes expensive so make your decision wise before you commit to on-brand. Nikon offers solid image quality, fast performance, excellent build and almost all accessories like Lens, flash is available easily. They facilitate us with a wide range of lenses to choose from. Nikon is known for their macro and fisheye lenses.

For the Nepali market, Nikon has quite few choices compared to Sony and Canon. Below table illustrates the Nikon Camera Price in Nepal.

Nikon Cameras Price in Nepal

Nikon Camera Price in Nepal
Image Credit: Nikon
Nikon Camera with Model No.Price in Nepal
DSLR Cameras
Nikon D3400NRs. 47,000
Nikon D3500NRs. 53,000
Nikon D5600NRs. 68,000
Nikon D7200NRs. 1,07,000
Nikon D750NRs. 2,15,000
Nikon D810NRs. 3,15,000
Nikon D850NRs. 3,75,000
Nikon D5NRs. 6,93,000
Mirrorless Cameras
Nikon Z6 NRs. 2,45,000
Nikon Z7NRs. 3,95,000

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