About Us

The global era of media and technology is evolving. Technology is more demanding than anything. It is difficult to keep updated with the latest technologies. The medium is must be required for being updated with that. So, YouTech Nepal has been founded to keep up to date with the latest tech news.

YouTech Nepal is a Nepali tech news site providing Technology News, Reviews, price & more about smartphones, laptops, Tablets, Drones, Cameras & Apps in Nepal. Our business is distributed over the internet via our various channels, including the website itself, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Why choose us?

  • To read the latest technology news relevant to the Nepali audience
  • To watch gadget reviews on ourYouTech Nepal YouTube Channel
  • To provide the products right for the targeted Nepali audience

The people outside our country are much aware of technology and so much more to discover, that motivates us to provide the latest technology news, reviews, price and more. We aim to provide all the latest Tech news and events in Nepal and from all over the globe.