Canon cameras were introduced in Nepal way back. They were well known for their lens comp-ability, price and availability. Canon has been launching several cameras ranging from budget to cinema cameras. In this post, we have included the available Model along with Canon Camera Price in Nepal.

Before we start listing Canon Camera Price in Nepal, they facilitate us with DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras. DSLR is the old school camera with the mirror, a fat body and heavy compared to Mirrorless Cameras. Whereas, Mirrorless lacks the mirror, a slim body and lightweight.

Canon Camera Price in Nepal
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Canon DSLR Cameras Price in Nepal

Canon DSLR Cameras with Model No.Price in Nepal
Canon EOS 1300D (18-55) IS II KITNRs. 49,990
Canon EOS 1300D (18-55/55-250MM IS) KITNRs. 68,490
Canon EOS 1500D KIT 18-55 IIINRs. 67,990
Canon EOS 3000D KIT 18-55 IIINRs. 45,490
Canon EOS 4000D KIT 18-55 IIINRs. 44,990
Canon EOS 200D II (18-55)STM KITNRs. 75,990
Canon EOS 750D (18-55mm STM)NRs. 78,490
Canon EOS 800D 18-55MM STMNRs. 80,490
Canon EOS 77D 18-555MM STMNRs. 104,990
Canon EOS 77D 18-135MM STMNRs. 127,990
Canon EOS 80D (18-135mm IS NANO)NRs. 150,990
Canon EOS 80D (BODY)NRs. 124,990
Canon EOS 90D (18-135mm IS NANO)NRs. 214,990
Canon EOS 6D (24-105mm)NRs. 229,490
Canon EOS 6D Mark II (BODY)NRs. 207,490
Canon EOS 6D Mark II (24-105) KITNRs. 309,990
Canon EOS-5D IV (BODY)NRs. 344,990
Canon EOS-5D IV KIT 24-105/4LIS IINRs. 432,590
Canon EOS-1DX II BODYNRs. 658,990

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canon camera price in nepal
Canon Camera Price in Nepal

Canon Mirrorless Cameras Price in Nepal

Canon Mirrorless Cameras with Model No.Price in Nepal
Canon EOS M100 (15-45mm STM)NRs. 60,990
Canon EOS M10 (15-45mm)NRs. 47,490
Canon EOS M10 (15-45/22mm)NRs. 63,490
Canon EOS M10 (15-45/55-200mm)NRs. 73,490
Canon EOS M5 15-45mm STMNRs. 101,990
Canon EOS M5 18-150mm STMNRs. 126,990
Canon EOS M6 15-45mm STMNRs. 75,990
Canon EOS M6 18-150mm STMNRs. 107,490
Canon EOS M50 KIT 15-45 (WHITE/ BLACK)NRs. 84,990
Canon EOS M50 KIT 15-45/55-200NRs. 103,490
Canon EOS RP (BODY)NRs. 189,990
Canon EOS R(24-105)KITNRs. 413,490
Canon EOS R (BODY)NRs. 263,490