The next big landmark has reached Android 12. Google now has launched the public version of the 19th Android system with the first update. It provides us with access to a new OS design which without a doubt has a very refreshed UI.

And with its’s features, not only will this make you forget about the Android 11. But will also give you the unique feeling about your phone.

General overview:

We can easily report that Google improves and brings a variety of new aspects into its Android versions every time. Changes to the media handle and the help of alerts, anonymity and haptic input enhancements and more polished notification interface makes quite a difference.

andtoid 12 features

The beta version of the app is recently issued on May 18,2021. The system was previously announced in February 18,2021 through an Android Blog Post. It is a developer demo, but we wouldn’t suggest to use it as your regular driver. But you can easily check it out on Pixel 3 or newer pixel phones, Xiaomi Mi 11, Nokia X20, One Plus and some other mobile phones.

And as for those waiting for the newest and updated final version, expect the Google Pixel 6 to come with Android 12 within September-October.


User Interface of Android 12:

Google has claimed that we’ll see an exclusive Android version in Android 12 that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. It announced a new Material Design for the system called Material You. It has the enhanced features in many aspects including the amount of animation with more varied colors.

What the company is calling color extraction, can apply a complimentary color to the UI according to the wallpaper you choose. Widgets are redesigned too; it matches the appearance on the phone according to the color extraction.

The Quick Settings panel has also had an overhaul, with Google Pay and smart home controls added thereto.

Privacy and security offered by Android 12:

The new Android 12 is supposed to include “Android private Compute Core”. It makes sure the apps and the phone are following the privacy setting you want. This establishes more opportunities to use AI creating various new generation features. The private computer core isolates your personal data from the network making your input safer than ever.

There’s a lock folder system which allows you to lock only a specific folder with fingerprint and such. And there’s an ability to unlock a Chromebook using your phone as well.

Many more of the features are prevalent in the system for the safe keeping of your privacy. It has promised to provide clarity around the data being accessed by the apps you are using or the apps running in the background.


Windows Manager, Package Manager, system server and interrupts has been improved performance wise on the beta version of the system.

The power button will bring up Google Assistant when held down. Also, a built-in remote functions if you have a smart TV allowing you to browse through your favorite shows. The system also has a Car key that enables you to unlock your compatible smart car with your phone.

Android 12 has also promised to make your device faster and more responsive. Google claims that it reduces the CPU time needed for core system services by up to 22%. It reduces the use of big cores by the system server by up to 15%. All of this means improved battery life.

The Android Runtime has been added to Project Mainline, allowing it to be serviced via Play Store. The system offers a enhanced accessibility for people with impaired vision. They also claim to be developing a third-party app store which would be easier to use on Android 12.