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Bing Chat Features And Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide

Bing Chat was recently introduced by Microsoft. The AI that Microsoft has integrated into its Bing and Edge browsers is driven by the same cutting-edge technology that OpenAI used to develop ChatGPT. Moreover, it can be found in smartphone apps, allowing speech contact with AI.

Bing Chat Features Overview

Bing Chat operates in similar ways with the ChatGPT. You can ask it anything, and it will comprehend and respond in regular human speech using an LLM (large language model).

Microsoft has also been gradually releasing Bing Chat capabilities, and the most of them are currently usable. The Edge Copilot function, in particular, adds more recommendations and improves the Bing Talk experience.

Microsoft Bing Chat Features


The chat option emphasizes more casual language and offers numerous suggestions for the kinds of things you might ask. They comprise informational links, suggested follow-up inquiries, and features that are much more akin to those of a standard search engine.

Is Bing Chat Free For Users?

No mention of charging for Bing’s new AI features has been made public yet. Microsoft made it clear that advertisements are included from the outset and that there are no current plans for a fee.

Microsoft Bing AI Chat

We can see that there are still restrictions on conversation, though. The daily cap has been raised to 150 talks per day and 15 chats each session as of right now. Bing Talk will prompt you to switch to a different topic once you have had 15 chats in a session.

What language model does Bing Chat use?

Bing Chat uses the GPT-3.5 core language model serves as the foundation for it’s chat. It can react to natural language questions with very current information because they have access to data through and including 2021. It, however, might leave gaps in their understanding.

On the other hand, Bing Talk has the capacity to access more recent web sources. Also, it has received additional training to improve its ability to comprehend instructions and carry out more complex jobs.

Is Bing Chat And ChatGPT Same?

The new Bing Chat, which is more sophisticated than ChatGPT, is described by Microsoft as “a new, next-generation OpenAI big language model.” There are other factors to take into account because the intention is to combine this with Bing search.

For instance, Bing’s ChatGPT substitute is anticipated to be significantly faster than ChatGPT while going above and beyond GPT-3.5 in several ways. Microsoft uses what is known as the “Prometheus approach” to include the most recent news into their conversation for results that are current but secure for Bing’s enormous user base. As OpenAI announced the release of ChatGPT-4, there was conjecture that Bing Chat used GPT-4. Microsoft later verified that this was the case.

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How can you sign up for Bing powered by ChatGPT?

The latest improvements are now available on Bing Chat, but with some temporary limitations. Few people have so far had the opportunity to try it. You must sign up for the waitlist if you want the full experience. The following is also ways to join the waiting list:

  • Go to bing.com/new
  • Click on “Join the Waitlist” and sign in with your Microsoft account
  • Then, you’ll get a waitlist confirmation mail and that’s about it!

According to Microsoft, using the “Access the new Bing faster” option will allow you to advance on the waitlist. This will prompt you to download the “Bing” app using the provided link or QR code and configure “Microsoft Defaults.”

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