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Otix Phone Pro; Expected sub-brand from Xiaomi with a new device

Followed by the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 leaks, there is another leak about Xiaomi’s new smartphone “Otix Phone Pro”. Xiaomi is rapidly launching its new smartphone. This leak was from a user with a bad track record of leaks, so let’s take it as a rumour. Like Redmi and Poco, Otix is also a sub-brand of Xiaomi. Considering the leaks, Xiaomi is preparing to release a new device with a new brand name. They are planning to launch this device globally.

xiaomi otix phone pro
Image Source: Slash Leaks

Xiaomi Otix Phone Pro

Now in the photo, we can see some specifications and design. Although the images are blurry we can clearly see Snapdragon 865 and QHD+ AMOLED. So, the device will come with the top-tier chipset, Snapdragon 865. It will feature QHD+ AMOLED display with higher refresh rate either 90 Hz or 120 Hz or 144 Hz, not confirmed yet. With the name Otix Phone Pro, there may be a low priced regular model too. These all information’s were added on Slashleak.

otix phone pro
Image Source: Slash Leaks

Following the leak, there was another post claiming UI and RAM. Otix Phone Pro will have new taleUI which is a completely new interface and we can expect customizations as Xiaomi always provide a lot of customizations feature to their UI. In addition, we can see some more info on the top right corner of this picture where the smartphone is on debugging mode and we can clearly see 18 GB of RAM. We assume that these pictures are of the top variant of the smartphone. Also, Xiaomi Otix Phone Pro will be equipped with new “Turbo Mode” function which will temporarily overclock the CPU for better performance.

The launched date is not confirmed yet but, we expect this device later in 2020. As I have already not so trusted source, let’s take it as a rumour and wait for some more information to appear online.

Sachin Dahal
Sachin Dahal
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