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RTX-50 Series; Will It Launch Soon With A Stronger GPU?

RTX-50 Series has not been confirmed nor been announced. The fans have now waited months for the new version of Lovelace graphic’s cards which is produced by Nvidia. With Nvidia’s stock soaring partly with to their involvement with the development of AI, fans have hoped that they’re going to be seeing more powerful GPUs launched soon.

RTX-50 Series release date predictions

It appears likely that Nvidia‘s next flagship graphics card series will be launched as the RTX 50 Series based on the recent naming standards of their RTX graphics cards: RTX 20-series, 30-series, and 40-series. However, they might abandon the RTX prefix, much as they did with the earlier GTX cards. Since it appears that graphics cards with Ray Tracing won’t disappear anytime soon, we aren’t anticipating that just yet.

RTX-50 Series

Our estimates for the RTX-50 Series launch date are mostly based on Nvidia’s affirmation that a new graphics processor architecture will be unveiled every two years. RTX 50-series graphics cards might debut in late 2024 given that the RTX 4090 released in September 2022.

However, we’re going to be anticipating the release of a few more RTX 40-series cards before we see this. It seems doubtful that we will see RTX 50 graphics cards before we know the release date for the RTX 4070 and what the RTX 4060’s potential specifications would be.

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RTX-50 Series expected features

We can anticipate improvements in performance, speed, and power with each successive generation of graphics hardware. Thus, an increase in CUDA cores and additional RT cores are certain to occur given the features that our RTX-50 series is predicted to have. WePC’s suspected specifications for the Nvidia RTX-50 Series confirm this.

It’s fantastic to see more, but in all honesty, we’d prefer to see more power. Similar to this, we anticipate improvements in DLSS performance from Tensor core technology.

RTX-50 Series price prediction

Although we don’t know the exact price of the RTX-50 Series, we can make some assumptions. The majority of gamers are furious about the price of Nvidia 40 series GPUs, which they believe to be the result of Nvidia exploiting the Covid situation to raise the costs of its GPUs since it is confident that gamers will pay it.

Hopefully, Nvidia will make the 50 series GPUs a little more affordable in response to the backlash they received when they released the RTX 40 series GPUs.

The prices of the RTX 3090 and the RTX 4090 were $1,499 and $1,599, respectively, representing a $100 price difference. If this growing tendency becomes the standard, the top-tier Nvidia RTX 50 series GPU might start at $1,699. This would seem to be the most best assumption about the price at this point given the escalating cost of materials.

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