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Sony ZV-E1; World’s Smallest Full Frame Camera?

Sony ZV-E1 has now joined the ZV Series and boasts some excellent specifications, including a BIONZ XR engine and a full frame 12MP sensor. When it comes to cameras, Sony is a seasoned competitor. Bloggers seem to like the company’s ZV Series a lot because of its portable and light form factor.

Let’s discuss the camera’s specifications, E1’s features, and anticipated cost in Nepal.


The Sony ZV-E1 is a portable device that is designed specifically for vlogging, weighing only 483 grams. The camera has just one rear dial and omits the front dial in favor of a motorized zoom control. There are three programmable buttons, a Fn button, and the standard D-Pad from Sony.

Sony ZV-E1 Display and Design

Likewise, there is a Still/Movie/S&Q switch, product showcase button, and backdrop defocus button as well. The ZV-E1 also sports a tally light that is visible from the top and front. The camera is compatible with all E-mount lenses, including the top-end G Master series.

It has a micro-HDMI output, a USB-C connector, a single SD UHS-II card slot, and a 3.5mm headphone jack. There are no I/O connectors for video output, however the camera can also function as a UVC/UAC webcam via the USB-C port, supporting up to 4K 30p video.

Sony ZV-E1 Ports Options

12MP Full Frame Sensor

The Sony ZV-E1 camera’s full-frame 12MP CMOS sensor is its main selling point. It should be noted that the ZV E10 camera from the previous generation used a 1.5X crop lens, and this one is the first ZV model to do so.

Sony ZV-E1 Sensor

To begin with, compared to crop sensors, full-frame lenses offer a wider field of view (FOV), a shallower depth of field, and a higher dynamic range. The latter one captures photographs at a closer distance; for instance, a 24mm lens using 1.5X crop sensors will produce 36mm images. On the other side, the identical lens will provide a 24mm image on full-frame sensors.

The ZV-E1 employs a full-pixel readout with no binning in any settings and a 12MP full-frame sensor. Better low-light imageries are also guaranteed by this 35-mm CMOS image sensor thanks to backside illumination (BSI) technology. Currently, it can take movies in up to 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, but Sony promises to release an upgrade to increase the maximum frame rate to 120.

The ZV-E1 now supports 10-bit 4:2:2 movies for greater color grading freedom. Also, the lens is supported by Sony’s BIONZ XR engine, which offers enhanced low-noise performance, accurate color reproduction, and gradient rendering.


The camera has an LCD touchscreen panel for various camera controls. For recording vlogs, the screen is an articulating model that is adaptable to positioning at different angles. Moreover, it employs 3 capsule microphones to record crystal-clear sounds. The microphone’s directivity can be changed to Front, Rear, All Directions, or Auto depending on the situation. As might be expected on a vlog camera, there is also no electronic viewfinder.

Stabilization, Auto Focus

The 5-axis in-body stability of the camera is what makes it so fascinating. Sony offers two modes for using it: “Active” optical mode and “Dynamic Active” modes. The first one is supposed to lessen walking tremors. And the later one, while adding a little extra cropping, offers greater smoothness for quick motions.

The Real-time Recognition AF feature is taken from the vlogging camera’s A7R sibling. This makes it easier for the lens to recognize various objects, including people, animals, birds, and insects, as well as moving objects like cars, trains, and airplanes.

For those solitary vlogging tasks, the ZV-E1 also has an AI-based auto-framing mode that trims the frame to keep the subject in focus. It uses multiple facial recognition for two people, which changes the aperture to enable the sharp focus of both subjects.

A full image for an HDMI output and a cropped image for an internal memory card can both be taken at the same time.

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Sony ZV-E1 Specifications:

  • Lens: 12MP Full-Frame CMOS BSI Sensor
  • Auto Focus: Real-time Recognition, AI Auto Framing
  • Stabilization: 5-axis in-body stabilization
  • Video: Up to 4k 60fps, (120fps to be made available via an OTA update), 10-bit 4:2:2
  • Microphone: 3 Microphones
  • Smartphone Companion App: Creator’s Studio

Sony ZV-E1 Price In Nepal

The ZV-E1 retails for USD 2200 for the body only while costing USD 2500 for a kit combination with the SEL 28-60mm zoom lens. The Sony ZV-E1 is anticipated to cost NPR 347,999 in Nepal.

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