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Tuddrom H3 Review: Great Comfort in Budget

Here, I will review a new multi-driver earphone named Tuddrom H3.  This is a Dual Driver High-Res Wired Earphone with a premium Honeycomb design. The 3.5mm jack is inclined 90 degrees for the long life of the earphone. Further, Tuddrom provides a whole year of warranty.

Tuddrom H3 Specifications

  • Driver: 6mm×2 Dual Driver
  • Impedance:16ohm
  • Frequency Response: 10-40,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 107-+3dB
  • Cable Length: 120cm
  • Color: Black and White
  • Package Weight(g): 112g
  • Package Dimension(inch): 7×5.5×2.1

Tuddrom H3 Review


Starting with the design, Tuddrom H3 flaunts a Bionic Honeycomb design specially made to provide us with a pure quality sound. It has a gleaming ergonomic design providing easy adjustment and optimal wearing comforts for your ears.

The Adopted 120 degrees oblique in-ear isolates the noise and with that, you can immerse yourself in the dimension of music. Moreover, the lightweight and small bullet-silicone ear tips make you very comfortable while using the earphone.


From my experience, the Tuddrom H3 was a great audio transmitter. It caught every little beat from my music playlist even in a large frequency range. The details the earphone catches are mesmerizing.

Further, the auricle cavity helps double the bass performance and creates a sense of surging and shocking environment providing you a feel of immersion into the music. They produce a great and full detailed sound leading us to an auditory feast.

tuddrom h3 price in nepal

Dual Driver

As mentioned earlier, this is a multi-driver earphone which means it has two or more drivers. The Tuddrom H3 has four drivers – two on each side of the earphone. The two dynamic drivers combine with PU and PEEK material giving us the supersonic taste of our music.

The 6mm dual dynamic drivers lie vertically without disturbing one another. They give clear audio with great quality making sure of the unruffled sound.

Multi-function Button

Moving on, Tuddrom H3 has a multi-function button with a built-in high-quality mic. It has three buttons with volume control which also serves for manipulating the calls.


Tuddrom has integrated each of its earphones with tangle-free cables and this one is also no different. It is very flexible and durable ensuring a greater experience.


You can connect the Tuddrom H3 with ease to your phone or laptop or another compatible device. It has a 3.5mm metal audio jack inclined at 110 degrees. The inclination is done in a way that it won’t disturb you while in a game or use your phone in landscape or any other modes.

tuddrom h3 packages

What’s inside the box?

Inside the box, Tuddrom has included a 360 degrees pouch to carry the earphone around and in my view, that is a great thing. Besides the pouch, it has one Tuddrom H3 Dual Driver Earphone, two pairs of silicone ear adapter sets, and one user manual.


Tuddrom H3 is an excellent choice for a multi-driver earphones. I had a great experience with my music playlists and call conversations. If you’re interested in buying it, you can check it out on TechDealsNepal.

TUddrom H3 Price in Nepal: NRs. 2,299

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