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Tuddrom Sp700 Review: The ultimate sports in-ear earphone

Tuddrom Sp700 is a Bluetooth Sport In-ear earphone with an excellent Earhook design. The earphone is very comfortable and has a magnetic design alongside Qualcomm CSR chipset to power it. It gives 8 hours of playback time and features a mic for call conversations. Tuddrom also gives a whole year of warranty on the earphone. In this post, I will review the Tuddrom Sp700 in detail.

Tuddrom Sp700 Specifications

  • Driver: 6mm Dynamic Driver
  • Chipset: Qualcomm CSR
  • Playtime: 8 hours
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Transmission Distance: Up to >10m
  • Battery: 240mAh
  • Charging Time: about 1.5 hours
  • Standby Time: 240 hours
  • Water and Sweat Resistivity: IPX5 certified
  • Frequency Response: 20-40,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 104-+3dB
  • Color: White
  • Free: Carry Case
  • Package Weight: 110 grams
  • Package Dimension: 13.5×5×17

Tundra Sp700 Review


The new Tuddrom Sp700 has an excellent in-ear design in a tilted form. This provides a unique comfortability for long use. The ear tips are built from silicone and can be detached from the earphones. This helps to make the earphones stable inside the ear preventing them to fall.


Thanks to the 6mm miniature dynamic driver, Tuddrom Sp700 gives a deduced yet powerful mid-low frequency. Further, in my experience, I found that the PU+PEEK composite of the earphones delivers a very delicate and true on-site experience.

Tuddrom sp700 specifications


Sp700 packs the Qualcomm CSR chipset inside which results in a very good function. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth 5.0 which boasts 10 meters of range. Moreover, you can connect two of your devices simultaneously.


Fueling the Sp700 is a massive 120mAh battery of lithium built. It provides 8 hours of music playback time in continuous use and if you choose to keep it on standby, it has a battery endurance of 10 long days.

Water and Sweat Resistance

If you’ve always hesitated about using your earphones during workout sessions, then TuddromSp700 is for you. This earphone is IPX5 certified for water and sweat resistance. However, you should care for the high amount of water since this is not fully waterproof but only little splashes and sweats.

Built-in mic

As mentioned before, there is an in-built mic inside the earphones. The sound quality was very good. The next side reported hearing crystal clear sounds while I had my call conversations during my review time.

Magnetic Design

The sides of the sound cavity have a magnetic function leading both ear tips to attach when not in use. This makes storing very easy as well as walking around with the earphones tied around the neck.

Multi-function Button

There are three remote control buttons on the new Tuddrom earphones. They were very sensitive and easy to use. You can play, pause, skip your music playlist, manipulate calls without touching your phone.

Tuddrom sp700 packaging

What’s inside the box?

Inside the box, there is one Tuddrom Sp700 Bluetooth Sports earphone, a type-A to the micro USB charging cable, two pairs of silicone ear adapter sets. One cable flip, a carry case for storing your earphones easily, and finally a user manual to guide you to the way to use them.


According to my experience on the duration, I used Tuddrom Sp700 to review it, the sound quality was very excellent. You can easily store it anywhere, you can wear it during your heavy workout sessions, and you can have 8 hours of continuous playback time. You can buy it from Techdeals Nepal at great pricing.

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