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Vivo’s new OS revealed: Vivo Origin OS

Vivo has revealed its new Vivo Origin OS for their smartphones, substituting their FunTouch OS. This new custom layer of Vivo Origin OS offers a new customizable widget system, gestures for navigation, grid-like designs, boosted performance, and more. The design of this OS is inspired by the sliding puzzles game Huarong Road.

Vivo Origin OS Overview

Vivo has clearly made an effort to stand amongst its competitors in the market. Consequently, we get to see Origin OS with features that are new, unique, and just the kind that users would enjoy.

Grid and Widgets

Let’s start with the visual, where you get to see a desktop grid system of Koltski Grid, also known as Huarong Grid. This grid allows widgets to be customizable into both rectangle or square shape, similar to Apple’s.


Each widget provides information like weather, message notifications, upcoming flights, and so on. Their look is determined by the information that they carry. For example, there are 90 color values in the temperature color card for showing temperature information, making it easier to distinguish between heat and cold temperatures. 

Moreover, the widgets give nano alert, that shows additional information when expanded. The display of regularly updated pieces of information is designed in a way that doesn’t disturb you.

Live Wallpaper

Vivo Origin OS has added a performance (behavioral) wallpaper that provides a natural and real experience. This live wallpaper features the weather conditions of your surroundings. For instance, wallpapers could change as per the time of the day, bright on the day and dark at the night. Or change according to weather conditions, moving speed and thickness and shape of clouds, and magnitude of wind.


This is a friendly reminder of the weather conditions around you. And with the nano alert, you will be notified of the relevant details of the weather information too.


This newly launched OS from Vivo also has a 26 navigation gesture combination. It is completed by just clicking operating. It covers almost all mainstream operation methods.

Furthermore, it also has access to the SuperCard pack, which is their mobile payment tool. For easy and quick mobile payments, a single swipe is enough to get your work done, no matter which screen you are at. Hence, the navigation of this OS is suitable for multi-tasking.

Even the camera software has a change in the widget itself. One tap on the camera icon lets you first choose between the lenses to shoot before jumping towards the app. This is just an attempt to make a unique feature, although it doesn’t quite seem necessary.

source: The Upgrade Guide


With this new custom layer comes an extremely powerful performance. Vivo Origin OS is equipped with Multi-Turbo5.0. It has an auto-memory optimization tool to improve performance. The Multi-turbo 5.0 is a combination of application preloading 2.0, optimal resource allocation, and intelligent app freezing technology 2.0.

source: The Upgrade Guide

Moreover, it’s memory fusion feature can boost the RAM capacity by 3GB through the internal storage. So with this and your app freezing technology, you are likely to experience a smooth running of apps. Also, memory fusion can also optimize your software to lessen the demand for memory. Overall, it is designed for a smooth running of applications and responsibly handle multi-tasking.

Origin OS Eligible Phones

These key features of the Vivo Origin OS will be available in the upcoming smartphones by Vivo. Origin OS’s official post has already given a list of Vivo and iQOO smartphones where we will get to see their new OS. However, the company will follow a three-phase plan to roll out the update, starting from the last week of January.

1st PhaseVivo Nex 3S
Vivo X50, X50 Pro, X50 Pro Plus
Vivo S7
iQOO 5 and 5 Pro
iQOO 3 iQOO and iQOO Pro
iQOO Neo 3
2nd PhaseVivo Nex 3, Nex 3 5G  
Vivo X30, X30 Pro
iQOO Neo, Neo 885
3rd PhaseVivo X27, X27 Pro
Vivo S6, S5, S1 Pro, S1
Vivo Z6, Z5x, Z5i, Z5
Vivo Nex S and Vivo Nex.
iQOO Z1, iQOO Z1x
Sachin Dahal
Sachin Dahal
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