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Was I Fortunate To Switch To Brave Browser On Time?

You must be quite familiar with Brave Browser by now. Not due to its claim of being the best browser(8x faster), but my personal experience with this browser has been the main reason I am putting everything that I think it has me made to love it in this blog.

Some Facts About Brave:

  • It is free and open-source, pay to browse web browser.
  • Brave is created by Brendan Eich who is the co-founder of Mozilla Firefox and the creator of JavaScript.
  • It is ad-free and claims to block all website trackers such as Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc
  • Braveimproves our online privacy by sharing fewer data and advertisements with us.
  • Brave Browser shares its 15% of total revenue to the browser users, which in turn can be donated to bloggers and content creators through micro-payments.

Comparison ( Brave vs Chrome):

1. Ad Blocks:

Ads and Ad Blocking Utility in Brave:

It’s a free feature included in brave and blocks all of the adds including the trackers like Google Analytics,Adobe Analytics etc

Ads and Ad Blocking Utility in Chrome:

We have to add Google Ad Block Extension to block all the trackers and ads as well. But Google still shows different ads becauseGoogle is paying fees to Adblock Plus.

2. Performances :

So, the comparisons and load lime states clear that Brave is way faster than Chrome when it comes about loading websites. The 8x Faster claimed by Brave can be thought as a Justified claim.

3. Money:

If you are always on mobile and using your mobile data or is in a volume based (cellular) network then this might be helpful. Brave browser usually saves your data a lot, as it blocks all the Ads and the trackers. So you will have a pocket full of money left at the end of the day.

Here is a cost comparison:

brave vs chrome

Plus Points for Brave:

BAT(Basic Attention Token):So BAT can change the game for Brave as it can be the most passive way of earning extra money.So users earning BAT’s will be creating buzz about their income, which will be the magnetic factor that will attract even more users for Brave. I have seen some baits as of now to provoke young users like:

  • Is this crypto company the Google killer?
  • This browser will pay you to browse the internet.

Recent Stats of Web Browsers:

It is going to change a real fast. What do you think?

Source: https://www.w3counter.com/globalstats.php


At the end of the day, I will go over my safety, privacy, cost and time consumption. Brave is the browser that fits and outruns all of other browsers. So, due to these enough reasons I’ve switched to Brave Browser. And as a result, I have enough times to write blogs like this. Make your choose today.

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Sachin Dahal
Sachin Dahal
Sachin Dahal is currently working as a WordPress Developer. He is an ardent follower of new technologies in the web development world. He currently writes articles regarding smartphones and the latest gadgets. Also, he makes videos on youtube regarding the latest tech and gadgets. Overall, a tech enthusiast.

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