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Google Photos Monetized: Are there any alternatives?

When Google announced the monetization of Google Photos in late 2020, many thought it was a rumor. But when the brand is finally limiting the storage starting effectively from June 1st, 2021, people are looking for alternatives to store their high-quality photos and videos. So, unless you want to pay for the Google One Subscription, you can always look for an alternative. There are some great Google Photos alternatives in Nepal that can be used in the future if required.

Top 10 Google Photos Alternatives you can take a look at:


Mega is a free, secure, and user-controlled cloud storage that offers 50GB storage for your files for the first month of your usage and 15GB afterward. Launched on 19th January 2013, the service is provided through a browser or you can download the app on both Android and iOS platforms.


According to the service providers based in Auckland, New Zealand, the data provided on the cloud space is encrypted using the AES algorithm which is accessible only through the client-side. The Mega cannot decrypt the content since the encryption keys to upload the files are client-based. You can also add Mega as an extension on chrome or any other browser.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a widely familiar cloud-based file storage space developed by Google itself. Launched on 24th April 2012, the drive allows us 15GB to store photos, videos, and other files on the cloud and synchronizes the data across the devices we use. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms through the respective app stores.

google drive

Google Drive is also expandable through paid plans. We can easily change the privacy settings on the space for individual files which means we can make it personal or be available to a friend circle or the public. This can be one of the good Google Photos alternatives in Nepal.


MediaFire is a file hosting cloud storage service providing 10GB of space for your files. It attracted 1.3 billion unique visitors with 43 million registration to its domain in 2012 just after it was launched. It is available in Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and last but not least, Blackberry 10.


MediaFire supports both public and private file sharing systems through its thread. The links used to share the contents publicly are valid for single use only. The system allows both audio and video streaming in an online file viewer without having to download it.


pCloud is a secure cloud service that stores your files up to 10GB for free. The system is easy to use and has speedy sync as well. The pCloud had been a great value for the cloud-storage-based system. It seems to do its job well and even better than MediaFire.


pCloud has an in-built integrated media player with features like shuffle, creating playlists, and loops. We can’t resize the photos but we can easily download them in different resolutions than the original one.

Ice Drive

Ice Drive is a relatively fresh cloud storage service that provides up to 10GB of free storage. Launched in 2019, the system has ranked itself higher than many other services. The Ice Drive has hyped the user experience to the next level with advanced functions. It provides a fully-fledged desktop app and a mobile app to upload your photos and videos.


The system allows you to stream the audio and video files directly from the cloud without downloading them. The record of a file change and deletion is kept with no time limit. Ice Drive provides the speedy upload and download of your files compared to Google Drive.

Microsoft One Drive

The general public is very familiar with Microsoft One Drive. It is widely in use since 2007. Offering the free space of 5GB, the plan is expandable with payment options. The system is available on Android, Windows, iOS, and macOS platforms. It also works on Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles.


One drive uploads photos and videos that can be played in a slideshow with a geo-location tag. It easily identifies 360̊ images and panoramic modes as well.


We are not unaware of the cloud storage space provided by Apple itself. The iCloud has been in use for almost a decade now. It has a 5GB space with an expandable option with payment. The system has an estimated user of 900 million. It is only available on iOS and macOS platforms.


The system allows easy file sharing with its Airdrop connects. The backup is without a doubt fast and convenient. The iCloud easily stores photos, videos, and other files for a very long term.


Sync.com provides 5GB of free and secure space for your pictures, videos, and files. The official website of sync.com reads as a storage platform to protect your privacy ensuring that only you can access your data. It is available in Android, macOS, iOS, and windows.


The synced data is accessible to multiple users as required through the system of file requests, passwords, and other procedures. The whole data is only under your control. The company claims that our data will be 100% private.


Dropbox is a frequently used file hosting service provided by the American Company Dropbox, inc. from San Francisco, California. It offers 2GB of free space and received a five-star rating at “Protecting Your Data From Government Requests” sponsored by Electronic Frontier Foundation in 2017.


The system has approximately 500 million users. You can easily copy your files to space and access them later. Like other systems, Dropbox will not automatically sync the files but you’ll have to choose them one by one.

 Amazon Photos

The next one of the Google Photos Alternatives in Nepal is Amazon Photos which provides a secure cloud storage application and is managed by Amazon itself. The files are transferred and managed from multiple devices. The service is included in web browsers, desktop applications, mobiles, and tablets.

amazon photos

If you would like to subsribe for Amazon Photos, it costs $20 per year for 100GB(non-Prime members).


Flickr has been in the market for over 16 years and it remains one of the most trusted cloud storage services. The system features in-app photo editing without compressing them. However, it lacks the AI-based tools we previously saw in Google Photos.


We can use the free service up to 1000 photos and we can take a pro subscription paying $6 per month.


With Google standing on our neck with Google Photos monetization, we should surely start looking for all the alternatives possible. The digital world is changing and we need to update accordingly. So, unless you are sure you won’t exceed the 15GB limits on Google Photos, you can look out for the above alternatives.

Pragya Sapkota
Pragya Sapkota
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