Tuesday, June 15, 2021
nepal telecom volte service first time in nepal

Nepal Telecom introduces VoLTE Service with HD Quality Voice first-ever in...

VoLTE is a technology that enables high-speed data and voice transfers over a 4G network. Nepal's first mobile network operator, Nepal Telecom, has officially...

Nepal Budget 2077/78 on ICT Sector; what to expect?

Nepal Budget 2077/78 on ICT; By now most of us might already know that the budget for fiscal year 2077/78 (2020-21 A.D.) has been...

NTC Zero Balance Package for the needy people during COVID-19 lockdown

NTC Zero Balance Package; In the medical line, we have heard that viruses don't discriminate and will affect every individual without any second thought....

5G Antennas on Everest; Base camp now has 5G coverage

5G Antennas on Everest; Everest base camp now has 5G coverage. In 2020, we have seen many smartphones equipped with 5G-band like Samsung S20’s,...

Data Breach in Nepal; Increased Cyber Attack

Recently, huge sites like Daraz, Foodmandu, Vianet, Mercantile were hacked and many users suffered a data breach in Nepal. The commodity, not the century...

How to Get e-Pass for the Vehicle in Lockdown?

The Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal has started E-pass for operating essential vehicles in all parts of Nepal during this nationwide lockdown. The...

Corona Virus Disease: The mighty COVID-19

The year of 2020, brought with it a promise, a promise to start anew, to heal, to grow, to develop, to cherish. But nowhere...

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