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Infi Store down with the website and social media handles: What happened?

Infi Store; a growing e-commerce platform of the Nepali market has closed all its operations effective from 4 PM February 26. However, the orders made before the given time will be handled by the store. Not only the website but even the pages on its social media handles have been deleted. We have no idea why such a growing platform as Infi Store has gone under the hill.

What was Infi Store?

Infi Store is an e-commerce site established around two years ago. It was blooming in a very nice way. They even organized Nepal’s largest Online Book Collection “Infi Kitaab Karnival” on the first week of December 2020.

They had all the items we are fond of on the website. We are talking from guitars to books to frozen MOMOs to oats and muesli for your breakfast.

They went on with some popular hashtags like #ShopWithInfi, #NeverLimitYourself, and #InfiStore. We also got to see some interesting Twitter contests like “Have you met a partner/friend on Twitter?”. There were many young people who participated in the contest to win their promo code. Though the Twitter handle Twitter is also on the way to being deleted for the Infi Store, you can see the contest participants with the use of #WeMetOnTwitter or #InfiTwitterContest.

The store has worked in collaboration with many popular digital wallets like Khalti, PrabhuPay, and SmartQR Nepal. During the first lockdown on Nepal, it was mentioned in an article by Online Khabar. The exact words were “No Knowledge that INFI Store safely delivered anything and everything you need at your doorstep. And still does. Order Now!”.

They contributed 10% of their earnings from each delivery to feed “The Hungry Nepal”. P.S. The Hungry Nepal is a youth initiative that distributed food to people in need during tough times of lockdown.

The 7 Day Book Sale

The store had organized a 7 Days Book sale with 1,00,000+ books with up to 50% discount from February 27 to March 5. It also had all set for free delivery for purchase over Rs. 500 and gift Hamper for one Lucky Winner with the purchase over Rs. 2,000. So, with the store being collapsed from what we’ve seen, it is safe to say that the sale no longer exists.

Infi Store

What happened?

We are yet to know why the store has decided to end its service when it was doing so well. This kind of evolving e-commerce site should not have been un-operational just when the Nepali e-commerce market is starting to do very well. We are really very disappointed about what could have been the leading e-commerce startup of the Nepali market.

This was very unexpected because Infi Store was growing popular among the population of Nepal. Most people of Nepal have now started getting fond of various e-commerce sites even for their daily groceries. The Infi Store was in tough competition with other e-commerce sites like SastoDeal, Hamro bazaar, BizBazaar, and even Daraz. It is also no news that Infi Store was handling the market well and had growing fans and customers all over the country. As a matter of fact, we have noticed some Nepalese people living in foreign countries trying Infi Store to shop for their family or relatives who live in the Country.

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Pragya Sapkota
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