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Nepal Traffic Police can now track down fake license cards via a new mobile app

Nepal’s Government has a rule that new license holders must go through one year of probation. It was effective from June 2021 and the license holders would get a different card. And now, Nepal Traffic Police has introduced a verification mobile app to authenticate such license cards. It will work via the QR codes on the card.

License Verification Mobile App

Nepal Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has already received the license verification app. The Director-General of the Department of Traffic Management, Namaraj Ghimire presented the finished mobile application to Mr. Umesh Raj Joshi, Senior Superintendent of Police and Chief of Metropolitan Traffic Police Division.

Handing over of License verification mobile app Department of Transport management Metropolitan traffic division

The app initially started because of all the fake probationary license cards on the market. But, now with the app, the QR code on the license card will be scanned. Traffic Police will now know if the card is a real one. Not only that but traffic can see the complete details of license and license holder. This will also prevent riders to use counterfeit cards. This is the first time Nepal has implemented such a mechanism to verify the license right on spot. Earlier, Traffic Police had to contact the respective Transport Management office for individual verification.

Nepal Traffic Police can now track down fake license cards via a new mobile app

We can only hope that this new license verification application will help punish many of the traffic offenders which will ultimately lead us to a better traffic management system. This might even lower the accidents since such unauthorized drivers would not be on road.

Present provision for the probationary license card

The new riders need to go through a year of probation as instructed by Government. They receive the actual license only after a year. During this time, Government reviews their road behavior. The probationary license card holds a QR code with all the details and behavior tracking. The rider will be given five chances and if he exceeds the chances by violating the traffic rules, he/she will have to go through the license exam again. Not only that but there is a provision to revoke the license if required. Not to forget, the new license verification mobile app will help to streamline the above-mentioned process.

Document Tracking System (DTS)

Metropolitan Traffic Police Division has also unveiled Document Tracking System. This means the riders whose documents get confiscated by the Traffic Division for a traffic rule violation can track down their own documents.

To know the office location of documents, you can type Echalan (Space) Fiscal Year Chit Number on your message box and then send it to 34001.

Document Tracking System (DTS)

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