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Nepal Telecom has finally received the NTA approval for the new 5G trial spectrums

Nepal Telecom has received the green light for 5G trials alongside some allocated spectrum. They submitted a plan to start 5G trials back in June which is now approved by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA). It had arranged a 2600MHz spectrum and now that it got the approval, it will start trial soon. NTA has decided to make 60MHz of frequency bandwidth available to Nepal Telecom in its preferred 2600MHz band (n41).

The next step for Nepal Telecom 5G

Since it has already been approved, Nepal Telecom will soon start importing and installing the required network infrastructures for the given 5G operation. It is on the contract that Nepal Telecom must submit its progress report on the subject every three months to the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA). If it ever fails to submit the report in the allocated time, then its 5G license can get annulled.

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Spectrum Policy

Nepal Telecom can have free access to the 2600MHz band for a year if only it would meet the requirements. However, it can not charge users in that period. Likewise, NTA will take the spectrum back where the equipment used can be utilized on the 4G network. It will not be allowed to test 800MHz or any other band that it already has without the permission of NTA. It is yet to see if it succeeds or fails in the trials on the provided spectrum.

Ncell 5G Approval

Moving on, NTA has still not approved the 5G trials request of Ncell. Ncell is one of the major private telecom operators with a maximum number of users in Nepal. It applied for the permission of 5G trials months ago but is yet to be approved.

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