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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price in Nepal; 108MP beast has finally entered the market

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price in Nepal; Samsung has had a roller coaster ride this year when it comes to launching phones for the year 2020. From glass that had the durability of mere plastic and the homegrown Exynos premium variants underperforming than the budget mid-rangers, they have had it all. From not launching the S20 Ultra with its other siblings and now launching it again, let’s find out this move from Samsung  Nepal is a hit or a miss…


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the highest specced and the most premium device for the year in the most popular S-lineup. The Ultra in the name is pretty new and unique in the smart phone-world filled with “pro and maxes” behind their name but has the Ultra name been given justice. It has the largest display, the biggest battery and probably the best specs for the S lineup for this year and the 100X zoom capability is just too astonishing, Ultra for a reason but here in Nepal we have the Exynos version and adding salt to the wound it lacks 5G connectivity. Most people would argue that 5G is not needed in Nepal but when you pay for the best you expect value for the money you are paying. 5G not only ensures 5G connection but a stable 4G connection as well but the LTE version just is not right. The Exynos chip, on the other hand, is already the least favourite among the smartphone industry because of its performance hiccups and also it is quite late as its younger siblings were launched ages ago. So, Samsung Nepal must really know what and why are they are doing this, could be a market strategy or something else.


Having an Ultra in the name doesn’t give you groundbreaking design changes like the Galaxy Z flip but a taller and the ever-existing candy bar form. But like all the previous S lineup this also has the sturdiest and premium glass and metal sandwiched against each other which obviously feel solid and a joy to hold. the device has a subtle curve to provide a comfortable grip but without some skins and covers, it will be a slippery phone. the volume rockers and the power buttons are on the right, a welcome change from Samsung. The S20 Ultra is massive measuring  166.9 X 76 X 8.8 mm and weighs around 222g. If you are confused then this device is taller thicker and heavier than the Note 10+. But housing 6.9 inches isn’t an easy task without increasing dimensions. When long usage the phone might feel a bit tiring and heavy for the hands.

Samsung galaxy s20 ultra price in nepal
Source: Gsmarena.com

Now for the back design, it has a bulky camera housing and is the most unavoidable design signature. It definitely protrudes and wobbles when lying flat in the table but a case can bridge that gap as well. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is definitely Ultra in every form and aspects but the design is solid and premium. It can take time if you are wanting to get used to it but if you find it too bulky and uncomfortable  I suggest you go for the S20 or the S20+ variants.


Samsung the name is enough as the Korean tech giants are the torchbearers for the standards and quality in the smart-phone displays and we are talking about the S20 Ultra here so Samsung has housed the massive 6.9 inches Quad HD+ HDR 10+ certified Infinity O display, the biggest display yet to feature on the S- lineup. A bigger display means bigger entertainment value to be it watching videos or playing games this display does nothing but improves the multimedia experience. Like other flagships, it houses an AMOLED panel that will provide accurate colours and deep blacks with better and efficient battery consumption. The S20 Ultra doesn’t have a curved display which is a good thing as I personally am not a fan of the curved display as they are more damage-prone and accidental touches are unavoidable but the device doesn’t have a flat display either. Another praise that Samsung has earned is the fact that it has upgraded to the 120Hz refreshing screen and I must tell you once you are used to faster-refreshing screens, switching 60Hz seem laggy and not smooth at all.

Samsung galaxy s20 ultra price in nepal
Source: Gsmarena.com

But there is an underside to that as 120 Hz won’t work with WQHD+ (3200 x 1440) resolution and the resolution is locked at FHD+(2400 x 1080). This can be a move from Samsung to preserve battery and you have to manually set it to 120Hz, no problem in that as there are very few apps that support that much refresh rate. Another underside is the fact that phone automatically goes back to 60Hz if the phone temperature goes above 40°C, which seems strange but Exynos users who spend a lot of time on their phones are going to find it a little more irritating.


The camera has been the most significant feature for a smartphone selling point of view and S20 Ultra has included its camera setup as a focused high point in its ads everywhere. The camera from the Ultra simply blows every other Galaxy flagships away. A primary 108 MP camera, a 48 MP Periscope Telephoto camera that goes up to 100X space zoom, alongside 12MP Ultrawide Camera and 0.3 MP Depth-Sensing camera a 40MP selfie camera and 8K recording capabilities, well this is for the paper does it really do well in the real-time?

Don’t expect S20 Ultra to do anything better than the S20 and the S20+ in the camera department especially if you are shooting in the Automatic photo mode as the Ultra uses a 9:1 pixel binning to produce 12 MP photos which is just the same you get from the 12 MP shooter from the S20+. However, if you go pro mode the 108 MP shooter provides you with the quality it promised. I guess the 108 MP is just a marketing gimmick as you have to go Pro mode to use its full functionality like the auto mode in the camera just provides S20+ like photos day and night. Photos are excellent, a good amount of detail, solid dynamic range and usually true- life colours. Noise levels are controlled in the night mode and if you keep your phone steady during the night mode it provides even better photos.

The entire S20 lineup supports 8K recording but this is just a gimmick as it records in 24 fps and a lot of stutters can be seen if the device isn’t steady. The Single Take and the Night Hyperlapse camera mode are welcome and a must-try.

Samsung galaxy s20 ultra price in nepal
Source: Gsmarena.com

The selfie shooter is holding a 40 MP shooter that binds pixel to the 10 MP by default. Low light photo is quite poor, night mode is present but is a hit or miss. The camera performance is like the younger S20 and S20 + or even last year’s S10. not a worthy upgrade as 40 MP doesn’t particularly do a proper job as other flagships.


Now we come into the performances, the Ultra is powered by the homegrown Exynos 990 with 12GBs of RAM. It performs exceptionally well but compared to its Snapdragon twin it is not up to the mark and Exynos chipset doesn’t age well for the time being but doesn’t get your hopes low as it does everything you throw at it. Exynos chipset doesn’t stutter every time as running apps and leaving apps open in the background won’t let your phone be a tortoise. S20 Ultra pretty much does the everyday job.

Source: Gsmarena.com

Gaming is going to obviously pleasure on the Ultra due to its massive screen, higher refresh rate, latest silicons under the hood but at a longer period the Exynos can’t keep up for a heavy user.

Overall S20 Ultra is an Ultra performing phone but the fact that it is lacking 5G doesn’t make it future proof as many countries are getting the device in 5G variant. The cost can be an issue here but I must tell Samsung Nepal that if a person is buying  Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra they are certainly not thinking about the price restrictions, just give them the top-notch specced device from your bag.


The S20 Ultra comes with Android 10 out of the box and Samsung’s own skin of the OS, the ONE UI. I am impressed by how the ONE UI has progressed over the years and has become less stuttery and efficient. Software-wise Music share is an impressive feature, Quickshare is here to tackle Apple for its AirDrop, system-wide Dark mode, Secure Folder, Game Booster and Launcher, Dual messenger, Samsung DeX, Samsung Pay, Google Duo integration etc are widely popular and interesting features for the ONE UI.

Source: Gsmarena.com


3.5 mm jack has gone missing from the Note 10 lineup and has continued its way to the S20 lineup as well. A feature that Samsung used to mock Apple a few years back now has itself disappeared from the company. They might or might not provide USB type C connectors but can use promotions to provide the new Galaxy Buds+ on the go. Speaker wise Samsung has provided stereo speakers but actually is not a stereo setup as one speaker measures smaller than the other one. It doesn’t mean its bad, the speakers get nice and loud with decent separation and Dolby Atmos on hand to ensure richer audio experience.

Source: Gsmarena.com


Samsung has done everything Ultra for this Ultra variant of the S20 lineup and battery wise we can expect the same, a jaw-dropping  5000mAh out of the box, while the company claims it as a 2- day battery but features like the 120 Hz display will knock off hours from the battery life but it’s a worthy trade-off as the battery is quite enough for a day of heavy usage in the 120Hz FHD+. It lacks the 5G capability so due to lack of wider bands the processor will demand low juice hence providing even more battery. Galaxy S20 Ultra supports 45 W charging capabilities but out of the box they provide 25 W charger so for heavy use-heads you have to buy the charger differently. But normally 25 W also does a decent job and a full charge will last you an entire day.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price in Nepal

This handset is launched in Nepal for a price of Rs. 1,65,000. The Indian pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra for the base 12/128 GB is ₹97,999. Looking at the price, S20 ultra is the most expensive Samsung smartphone after Samsung Galaxy Fold. Previously, the Note line up was well-priced let’s see what will be the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price in Nepal.

ModelPrice in Nepal
Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraRs. 1,59,999


Do you really go all out and buy the phone then??

The phone costs Rs. 1,59,999 and if you have already upgraded into the S20 already I personally suggest NO or even you are from the Note family its not a worthy upgrade. But the idea that it has a 108 MP camera, a 100X space zoom and a 120Hz and a huge 6.9-inch display upgrade this is certainly the phone for you.

S20 Ultra is a phone for Samsung’s hardcore fans who were tired to match up to the outrageous specs in the world of Huawei’s and the Xiaomi’s. There certainly wasn’t a phone like this for the Korean tech giants and  S20 Ultra is the right step forward. This is the phone for the elites for whom money is not objectionable and want the best and the latest hardware on their hand. The 100X zoom is certainly an eye-catcher whenever you are in some kind of a gathering and Camera-pros will be able to use the device camera to its full specs so YouTubers, vloggers this can serve a great purpose to you guys.

And for just an average user this phone provides too much to use for. You will spend too much money on features you won’t use for a lifetime. So there are S20 and S20+ in the market already with 120 Hz of display 8K recording capabilities. The camera produces similar photos and also compact dimensions and won’t have to carry a bag just for carrying a phone.

Plus it doesn’t have 5G here in Nepal, so it’s just a flattened out S20+ with a 108 MP camera. Looking at these specs is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Price in Nepal worth it?

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