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Samsung TV Price in Nepal

Curious about the pricing of Samsung TV in Nepal? Below, we have a table with Samsung TV Price in Nepal along with available models for the Nepali market. Samsung is well known for its smartphones as well as electronics. In Nepal, so far, they have never disappointed their customers, and after-sales service creating a strong brand trust among the Nepali customers. You may find Samsung appliances quite expensive compared to other brands, except Sony. Samsung Nepal has launched TVs ranging from 24 inches to 75 inches. They facilitate us with HD LED TV, FHD LED TV, 4K UHD LED TV, 4K UHD QLED TV and Premium 4K LED TV. You can easily decide which size and resolution will be your perfect choice, in accordance with your budget. Without wasting much time lets have a look at the models and the respective prices of Samsung TV in Nepal.

Samsung TV Price in Nepal

samsung tv price in nepal

Samsung QLED TVs Price in Nepal

Samsung QLED TV modelsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
QA55Q60RARXHE (Series 6)55-inches UHD 4KRs. 2,50,000
QA55Q7FNARXHE (Series 7)55-inches UHD 4KRs. 3,60,000
QA65Q60RARXHE (Series 6)65-inches UHD 4KRs. 3,50,000
QA65Q7FNARXHE (Series 7)65-inches UHD 4KRs. 5,10,000
QA82Q6RARXHE (Series 6)82-inches UHD 4KRs. 7,05,000

Samsung NU-series UHD TVs Price in Nepal

Samsung NU-series UHD TV modelsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
UA43NU7100RSHE (Series 7)43-inches UHD 4KRs. 71,000
UA49NU7100RSHE (Series 7)49-inches UHD 4KRs. 89,000

Samsung RU-series UHD TVs Price in Nepal

Samsung RU-series UHD TV modelsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
UA43RU7100RSHE (Series 7)43-inches UHD 4KRs. 71,000
UA49RU7100RSHE (Series 7)49-inches UHD 4KRs. 96,000
UA55RU7100RSHE (Series 7)55-inches UHD 4KRs. 1,08,000
UA65RU7100RSHE (Series 7)65-inches UHD 4KRs. 1,88,000
UA75RU7100RXHE (Series 7)75-inches UHD 4KRs. 3,35,000

Samsung TU-series UHD TVs Price in Nepal

Samsung TU-series UHD TV modelsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
UA43TU8000RXHE (Series 8)43-inches UHD 4KRs. 76,200
UA55TU8000RXHE (Series 8)55-inches UHD 4KRs. 1,16,000
UA65TU8000RXHE (Series 8)65-inches UHD 4KRs. 1,91,000
UA75TU8000RXHE (Series 8)75-inches UHD 4KRs. 3,45,000

Samsung FHD TVs Price in Nepal

Samsung FHD TV modelsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
UA40N5000ARSHE40-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 43,500
UA43N5300ARSHE43-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 53,000
UA43T5400ARXHE43-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 58,000
UA43T5500ARXHE43-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 61,000
UA49N5300ARSHE49-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 71,000

Samsung HD TVs Price in Nepal

Samsung HD TV modelsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
UA24H4003ARSHE24-inches HD (720p)Rs. 18,000
UA32N4003ARSHE32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 26,500
UA32N4010ARSHE32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 26,500
UA32N4300ARSHE32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 32,000
UA32T4400ARXHE32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 34,000
UA32T4500ARXHE32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 35,300

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