Sony Bravia TV Price in Nepal; Television is not only the source of information and entertainment but with time it has changed into a hub for live games, sports, watching shows etc. World popular Smart TV brand Sony comes in the front line and is producing and giving services in this modern ear of television. Sony Bravia is the most popular choice when it comes to a smart television. Sony Bravia lets you choose from a wide range of varieties, models, and sizes. Nepa Hima Trade Link is the official distributor of Sony products in Nepal. Get your new android smart television from authorized distributors to ensure you get proper warranty and services. We have made a list of available models and Sony Bravia TV Price in Nepal

sony tv price in nepal
Model No.SizeResolutiomPrice in Nepal
32R302E32″HD LED TVNRs. 33,600
40R352E40″FHD LED TVNRs. 44,000
40W652D40″FHD Smart LED TVNRs. 51,200
43W660G43″FHD Smart LED TVNRs. 64,875
43W800F43″FHD Smart LED TVNRs. 72,375
48W652D48″FHD Smart LED TVNRs. 79,999
50W660G50″FHD Smart LED TVNRs. 1,00,000
49X7000E&F49″4K HDR Smart LED TVNRs. 1,04,000
55X7000G55″4K HDR Smart LED TVNRs. 1,28,000
65X7000G65″4K HDR Smart LED TVNRs. 2,08,000
43X7500E&F43″4K HD Android LED TVNRs. 96,000
49X7500E&F49″4K HD Android LED TVNRs. 1,12,000
55X8000G55″4K HD Android LED TVNRs. 1,44,000
55A8F55″4K HDR Android OLED TVNRs. 4,57,500
55A155″4K HDR Android OLED TVNRs. 5,73,750

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