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Wi-Fi Nepal brings 30Mbps internet at just Rs. 333

The Nepali ISP market is very competitive right now. It all began when CG started its 120Mbps internet at Rs. 999. After that, the competition got high, and every ISP provider began participating now Wi-Fi Nepal has started a new plan with 30Mbps internet at just Rs. 333. Here, we will discuss the price plans Wi-Fi Nepal has for the market.

Wi-Fi Nepal Home Internet Plans with Price

Even though Wi-Fi Nepal is starting from low – 30Mbps to 50Mbps, it is still in the competition. While most ISP providers are going up on speed, Wi-Fi Nepal has the cheapest plan in Nepal right now. The 30Mbps internet plan is available for Rs. 333 monthly and Rs. 4,000 yearly. However, this price excludes the VAT. With VAT, it rounds up to Rs. 400.

You can also choose to pay tri-monthly or half-yearly if you wish.

Plan/Price1 month3 months6 months1 Year
30 MbpsRs. 400Rs. 1,100Rs. 2,100Rs. 4,000
50 MbpsRs. 550Rs. 1,500Rs. 3,000Rs. 5,000
Note: This is the price with 13% VAT.

If you are planning to take the service by Wi-Fi Nepal, then you will not have to pay for the installation or drop wire for now. Also, the router free is Rs. 1,500 for any plan you choose. And this is also the price exclusive of 13% VAT.

IPTV, FUP Policy, and Coverage

We are yet to know the FUP Policy under the internet plan of Wi-Fi Nepal. However, we are confirmed that its services are limited to Kathmandu Valley for now. And if you want a TV service, it is not included in the plan, and you need it separately.

Wrapping up….

If you are interested in the internet plans by Wi-Fi Nepal, we have a price list above and you can book the service from their official website. Or you can try their phone – “01-5970789” or their email – salescallcenter@wifinepal.com.np.

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Pragya Sapkota
Pragya Sapkota
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