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Windows 11: The brand new generation of Windows

The most awaited OS, Windows 11 finally launched officially via a Livestream online event by Microsoft. Windows has provided its service in the global platform for almost 35 years now. Last year, Microsoft told its 1.3 billion users that Windows 10 would be the final version of the OS. But Windows has unleashed Windows 11 as the latest installment of Windows OS. Windows have had the motto of Create, Connect, and Play for forever now. Let’s see what is new for the new generation of Windows 11 in Nepal.

Windows 11 Overview

Windows 11 is claimed to be the most secure and the best version of Windows that has ever existed. The speed, flexibility, and efficiency of these Windows are very enhanced in many ways. This has also unleashed many innovative opportunities for developers. Most importantly, this is going to be the best experience for personal computing ever.

Start button

The first thing you are going to notice about Windows 11 is its new start menu. The simple and clean star button in the center layout within the taskbar. Microsoft mentioned that it is optimized for the users to find the required app quickly and more efficiently. This UI was previously noticed in Windows 10X which got canceled eventually. The flexibility of windows can be seen on the new taskbar which is without a doubt, fast and simple and not to forget, efficient.

Further, there are live tiles originally introduced in Windows 8. It opts more typical launcher than the Chrome OS or Android. There is a separate search interface, apps, and recent documents which sync through your devices in a time-saving and efficient way. For the soft viewing experience, there are rounded corners that we have seen on iOS and Android before.

Moreover, Windows chief Panos Panay mentioned the team obsessing over every detail for the nice experience of the users. There are also dark and light modes that have been upgraded to the next level from what we’ve seen in the previous Windows versions.

Snap Layout and Snap Groups

The next transition is what Microsoft is calling Snap Layouts and Snap Groups. The Snap Layout allows you to quickly snap between the apps. However, the layout in which your apps are snapped can be customized personally. They are being arranged in a way that shoots you. And from what we’ve seen in the former versions of Windows, this one is far more settled and organized. The complexity has been simplified. In short, this has very fast and efficient task switching.

Further, Snap Groups is where your apps are stored in the taskbar. When you use multiple screens hooking up their displays and you are suddenly interrupted with anything, you do not need to remember your last place. You can check the Snap Groups where all your visits are stored. Moreover, when you undock your screens it syncs exactly the way you were using it and when you dock it to the desktop or PC again it syncs back.

One swift click and the tabs sort and switch insides the edges which you can personalize with your or the already available customized wallpaper. There are very fresh-looking wallpapers and transparency icons that give you a softer visual experience that is supposed to inspire you to create. Meanwhile, they say, “If you move with your day, Windows 11 moves with yours.

Widgets, Voice commands, and the touch gestures

Moving on, there are Windows Widgets with the new AI-powered personalized feeds. It slides from the left-hand side and can be viewed in a full-screen mode as well. These widgets adapt to your preferences. They are rearranged and resized which keeps you up to date about your interests while accepting the voice commands and taking the voice inputs. They automatically adapt the input you provided and transform it into your very own personalized feed. Further, there are weather updates, maps, and other feeds for you. You can also tip local creators directly within Windows 11.

The adaptability and the versatility can be seen on the redesigned entertainment tab with top movies and TV shows on your feed. This time Windows is making your experience more personalized than ever. On the contrary, Windows 11 is the most secure yet.

The touch gestures improve to a very high and dynamic level. Windows 11 adapts you to touch the OS instead of flipping into tablet mode. They also support new hardware pens for inking and other abilities. From what we’ve seen Windows 11 is very responsive in these factors.


Windows 11 has a great focus on the performance factor. Windows updates have been reduced to 40% smaller but more efficient than ever. They happen in the background with less energy consumption which ultimately leads to more battery life and more responsive windows. It won’t affect or interrupt you when you are running out of time for your work. This is a very big step considering the long update hours we’ve experienced.

Furthermore, with the growing usage of Microsoft Teams in the worldwide community, Microsoft is integrating it into Windows 11’s taskbar for both consumers and commercial users. This is going to be the shift from Skype which is bundled inside Windows 10. Every element of Microsoft like Edge will run faster on Windows 11. There is a vertical tab setup inside Edge. This is going to prevent you from getting lost in between tabs.

Speed and performance have always been the promise from Microsoft. This time is no different. There is an unrivaled gaming experience with the Auto HDR feature and updated Microsoft stores.

Gaming Experience

The corporate vice president of the Xbox Sarah Bond addressed the latest gaming innovations we are going to receive from Windows 11. The new Windows 11 has gaming designation as a priority. Since one of the Window’s major legacy is innovating through collaborations, this time there is a dramatic result with the vibrant and life-like visuals elevating our experience with an Auto HDR feature. This feature gives us the stunning difference from the previous versions with its automatic update on lighting and colors in a high dynamic range. To sum up, this is going to be valid for all those monitors which are compatible with the HDR mode.

This is without a doubt going to be the best PC gaming experience yet. This time the game runs at a very high speed loading it in no time without bugging the CPU. This runs a Direct Storage API which renders your gaming experience at a lighting speed during the game. Moreover, there is superior graphics that will give you inspiration for the best gaming productivity.

The biggest highlight here is the Xbox app where you can stream 1000+ games from Xbox studio, and many other game developers. We can play most high-end games on all PC without having to download them. The Game pass provides the power of games to everyone. This is going to unleash the hidden gamers among its users.  

Microsoft Store

The biggest transition in the Windows 11 is the new Microsoft store. Microsoft Store will now support Android apps on Windows. Yass!!! That’s right!! Microsoft Store is now redesigned to a more simple and secure platform to download apps. A whole new bunch of apps like Adobe Creative Suite, TikTok, and Instagram which are typically not available in the former Windows versions is available in Windows 11.

With collaboration with Amazon and Intel, Windows 11 will be using Intel Bridge technology to transition Android apps to Microsoft stores. There was a demonstration of the TikTok app during the launch event.

Microsoft also brings a great opportunity for developers. Chief Panay addressed all the developers with a very warm chance of providing the developers their commerce engine without taking a cut. Moreover, you can use your payment system if you want. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said, “Windows has always stood for sovereignty for creators”. This can be a life-altering opportunity for the seekers. Further, Windows has now more efficiently become a platform for platform creators.

Windows 11 Minimum System Requirements

RAM4GB or more
Memory64GB or more
Processor1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC)
FirmwareUEFI, Secure Boot Capable
GraphicsDirectX 12 / WDDM2.x
Display>9” HD
ExtrasMicrosoft account and internet connectivity required for setup for Windows 11 Home

Windows 11 Availability

Microsoft promises the availability of Windows 11 as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users from October 5. It shouldn’t be long before it hits the generation alongside new hardware which will run Windows 11 out-of-the-box.

OSLaunch DateWindows 11 Official Release
Windows 11June 24October 5, 2021
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