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Corona Virus Disease: The mighty COVID-19

The year of 2020, brought with it a promise, a promise to start anew, to heal, to grow, to develop, to cherish. But nowhere in their wildest dreams had the humankind imagined how those things would come to this world. The roaring 20s brought with it a terror, and a global one at that, a horror (Corona virus) that spread far and wide, further than it that was conceivable by the human brain.

What is Coronavirus?

The COVID-19, also known as the novel corona virus, the 2019-nCOV, or simply the coronavirus, came from a city in China and has now spread to possibly the entire globe. In 3 short months, the corona virus becomes a pandemic, killing thousands, infecting tens of thousands, showing us the true meaning of “a small world”, forcing the world into isolation.

In a way, we, as a generation that grew up with smartphones and laptops glued to our faces, with Netflix and chill replacing peek-a-boo, with the majority of the day commenting on people’s stupidity, are living our ideal lives. We are working from home, we are taking online classes, Netflix is our new best friend and the government recommends avoiding human interaction. But still, we are not happy, perhaps we are realizing how futile our thinking actually was, perhaps we come to realize the true values of being human. We long to hang out with our friends, we are feeling bore of scrolling through Instagram, home workouts just don’t feel the same, classes don’t feel the same without commenting on the teacher’s outfit with our best friends in the back seat.  

Nature, with human beings forces to stay in, is now thriving, it is not finding “a” way, it is reclaiming its way. Come to think of it, this pandemic might as well be nature’s way of reminding us puny humans, just how small we are against the creation. We tried to assert dominance over nature; we took over forests, claimed waterways as our means of transport, drove birds out of the sky with gallons of our jet fuel polluting the air, kept animals inside cages for our entertainment. Now the very animals, the very nature is roaming freely, deer are walking in the street that used to be theirs, fishes reclaim their ancestral habitat, birds are singing in the once noisy city, people are enjoying the sunsets from the confinement of their homes.

corona virus nepal
Corona Virus Precautions

Stubborn we humans are, we do not learn a lesson or a two without being hit upside the head, and this virus, dare I say, has been the biggest slap nature gives us. Where we once fought among ourselves for power, for land, for our big egos, we now are learning to fight as one, for the thing that really matters; the existence of mankind.

Symptoms of corona virus

Let’s ponder for a moment, how are the hundreds of army tanks, and billons of currency invested in ammunitions, helping us in this moment of crisis? How are our borders, the ones that induced the biggest wars the creation has ever seen, helped to contain this plague? How are our discussions on who is the most powerful of them all, helping us to win over this war for our survival? The answer, we already know, all these actions were a form of vanity, a means to reassure ourselves that we as the most evolved creatures on the planet are invincible. But we are not, oh how far from invincible we are.

Present Condition of Corona Virus

Right now we know why we were taught “Health is the biggest wealth.” All those billions of dollars invested into wars and ammunitions, yet the real soldiers fighting for mankind are working in silence, donned in white, they are determined to defeat this monstrosity. The biggest of the countries have fallen to their knees, willing to lose anything to save the people, the mightiest of the leaders are bowing for a cure, for anything to save the ones they are responsible for.

Yet our heroes in white are in the trenches, dodging bullet after bullet, working against all odds to save the not a country or a region but to save humankind as a whole. Humans are coming together to save each other, to let vaccines get tested on them, to help the vulnerable, they are doing all they can to help others, to aid those who call for help, which goes to say that maybe we have not yet forgotten our values. Perhaps there is still hope left for mankind. We will fight, there will be casualties, martyrs, mass graves will be dug, silent prayers will be sung, but we will prevail should we work together as one.

corona virus

At the end of this nightmare, we shall remain, no doubt, but let this disaster be a lesson to all the world of what really is important. The virus will go but let the values it teaches when staying with us. Our borders, our wealth, the number of our armies, our ability to rule the world is not what matters, what matters is how we co-exist with nature, with each other, we are not defined by nationality, religion, race or creed, we are unified under one race that is humanity, and under one religion that is nature.

Most affected countries by Coronavirus:

  • USA
  • Italy
  • China
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • France
  • Iran
  • UK
  • Switzerland
  • Korea
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Portugal

How to avoid Coronavirus?

  • Frequently Hand Washing
  • Maintain Social Distance
  • Avoid touching mouth, eyes and nose
  • Stay informed and follow the advice
  • Seek medical care in case of emergency

Let’s do our part to fight this, and make it easier for our superheroes who are fighting this enemy (corona virus) tirelessly, let’s stay at home, eat healthily, wash hands, not touch our face, protect ourselves and those we love because at the end of the day health is what really matters.

Coronavirus Live update in Nepal


Sachin Dahal
Sachin Dahal
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