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DishHome also competing in the new ISP market with 100Mbps of the internet at Rs. 899 per month

DishHome has introduced a new offer of 100Mbps internet at the price of NPR 899 per month. The plan falls under the “दिमाग हल्लिने अफर” which is impressive. If we recall correctly, it already provided the 100Mbps internet before but just more price. But now it is available for just Rs. 899 per month. You can also subscribe to its 25Mbps internet plan at NPR 233.

DishHome 100Mbps “दिमाग हल्लिने अफर

On the occasion of Dashain, DishHome unveiled “दिमाग हल्लिने अफर” which provides 100Mbps internet package at just Rs. 899 per month. This is the cheapest ISP service you can get in the Nepali ISP market right now. Before, that place was held by CG net who provided 120Mbps of the net at Rs. 999 per month.

This is not the first time DishHome offered a 100Mbps internet package on the market. However, the price for the service was very high considering the offerings from other ISP providers. The price was NPR 2,200 per month which is very high and nonsensical. But now, the package comes at a very economical price since I already mentioned that this is the cheapest ISP service in Nepal.


DishHome announced the “दिमाग हल्लिने अफर” via its social media accounts recently. On the auspicious time of Dashain, it released the ISP service at a standard economical price. According to DishHome, the plan or the offer only applies to yearly subscription plans.

However, it is your choice whether you want to choose between an internet-only package or a combo plan. The latter means that your package includes not only the internet but also television plans.

You can see the pricing of the facility below:

दिमाग हल्लिने अफरAnnual Price
100MbpsNPR 16,144
100Mbps internet + one TVNPR 20,944

The price is inclusive of 13% VAT and also other installation/setup costs.

DishHome 100Mbps “दिमाग हल्लिने अफर” availability

If you wish to learn more about the “दिमाग हल्लिने अफर”, the DishHome has provided a hotline number that will guide you through the services inside the package.

Hotline Number: 9801544000

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