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WorldLink’s 300Mbps Photon Series: A new revolution in Nepali ISP market

WorldLink is the most popular ISP service in Nepal. There is no doubt that it stands above all the other service providers of Nepal. And now, it has introduced a 300Mbps internet plan leaving out CG Net’s 120Mbps and Vianet’s 100Mbps plans. In this post, we will look at the features, pricing, and availability of the WorldLink Photon Series 300Mbps internet plans.

Worldlink Photon Series Overview

Worldlink has brought in mesh Wi-Fi for the first time in Nepal. The high bandwidth and the mesh Wi-Fi combination are surely expected to bring a new revolution to the ISP market.

What is Mesh Wi-Fi?

Mesh Wi-Fi is a technology for maintaining a steady internet connection on any kind of your usage. It focuses on both speeds as well as consistency over stability. Mesh Wi-Fi has the main router connecting to your modem paired with nodes around your home providing full coverage of the house. If you have big homes or large office space, this is very efficient for you. You can connect a single SSID network across your space without bargaining on your speed and signal strength.


With TV (3)Without TV
300Mbps1 monthRs. 2,200Rs. 2,100
3 monthsRs. 6,450Rs. 6,150
12 monthsRs. 22,000Rs. 21,000
One Time ChargePrice
1 month3 months12 months
Dual Band (ONU)Rs. 2,500Rs. 2,000Free
Drop WireRs. 500
Deposit (ONU)Rs. 500
Smart InstallationRs. 3,000

Beacon 1.1

Worldlink charges extra for the placement of each Beacon router in your workplace. The following pricing is for the two Beacon 1.1 routers whereas the additional one costs Rs. 8,000 each.

For every Beacon 1.1Price
1 month3 months12 months
Beacon 1.1 RentalRs. 4,000Rs. 3,000Rs. 2,000
Beacon 1.1 DepositRs. 2,500
WorldLink 300Mbps Photon Series


You can add STB connections with extra charges on the 3TV connections that come with the connection as mentioned before. The pricing of the connections is given by:

Additional NetTV connectionsPrice
Secondary STB activationNPR 2,000
Secondary STB depositNPR 500

WorldLink Photon Series Availability

The WorldLink Photon Series 300Mbps is now available in few different locations. The list of the places where you can get the service are:

  1. Battisputali
  2. New Baneshwor
  3. Dhungedhara
  4. Gatthaghar
  5. Sallaghari
  6. Baluwatar
  7. Pepsicola
  8. Koteshwor
  9. Manbhawan
  10. Sitapaila
  11. Dholahiti
  12. Kalimati
  13. Bansbari
  14. Kirtipur
  15. Satungal
  16. Kaldhara
  17. Bouddha
  18. Banepa
  19. Balaju
  20. Imadol
  21. Kapan

You can contact the service provider if you are in the above-mentioned area and interested in the new WorldLink Photon Series.

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