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Nepal Telecom Targets to bring in 80 lakhs eSIM within the next fiscal year: Should we be excited?

Nepal Telecom is bringing 80 lakhs eSIM inside the country within the next fiscal year. We can expect the announcement of that eSIM in the budget program of 2078/79. So, let’s see the features and implementation of eSIM in Nepal.

What is eSIM?

Embedded Universal Circuit Card or in general words, eSIM!! So, what is it? It is a network facility to embed the network operator inside the phone. Some people even call it the eUICC and it can neither be removed nor be replaced from the phone. But what will you do in case you want to switch the network operators? Well, you can rewrite the database enclosed in the SIM module with authenticated operator details. This will save you the time of physical SIM maintenance.

The eSIM also supports dual-SIM connectivity and takes up considerably less space than the traditional SIM cards. Moreover, if the eSIM gets implemented it comes with some disadvantages as well. The major one is the difficulties we’ll have to face if we ever decide to change our primary smartphone.


If we talk about the compatibility of the eSIM, smartphones these days are compatible with it. Even some high-end smartwatches have eSIM compatibility. However, we hope that will the implementation, more compatible smartphones will enter the market. This will allow everyone would be able to experience the facility.

When will the implementation of eSIM start in Nepal?

80 lakhs eSIM cards will enter Nepal within the next fiscal year. And Nepal Telecom will be the first network operator to allow the facility in Nepal. The initial tender is for 75 lakhs, but it will grow with the demands from the public.

However, Nepal Telecom has yet to disclose the total budget estimations on the project of the eSIM. The other thing is that it is unclear if they are building the whole project by themselves. The other option is that they involve a third-party company.

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Pragya Sapkota
Pragya Sapkota
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