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Google Pixel: A brief look at June Feature Drop

Last month, Google announced its 19th Android system, Android 12 in an I/O conference. Now, this month is filled with the new features that are added to pixel phones and also those features which are to be added. Let’s see the June feature drop for the new Pixel Phones.

General Overview of the June Feature Drop on Pixel Phones:

Camera and photos

Google has revealed a password-protected lock folder system that works on the picture storage inside your phone. It secures the folder and prevents that particular folder from syncing to Google Photos. Only you can access the folder via a password and no one familiar with your google sign-in information can access it in any way unless you share your password. Furthermore, we can directly take a photo up to the locked folder or move an existing picture to the folder.

Night Sight Movies
Locked Folder Optimized

Now, in terms of Cameras, we can shoot Astrophotography Night Sight videos. Yes, you read it correctly!!! This is indeed great news for astrophotography lovers. Starting from Google Pixel 4 and newer models, we can shoot astral views from where you are but will most likely require support like a tripod. Or, if you have a really steady hand, you can skip the tripod but you need an unexpectedly stable one since it’s a long exposure shot.

Other features

The Call Screen feature which was previously available for the USA and Canada is now available in Japan as well. The feature helps us to identify spam calls with a caller ID. Similarly, Car Crash Detection is also expanded to Spain, Ireland, and Singapore. The system was previously available in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

digital wellbeing heads up

Moreover, the recorder app will have more English dialects and will be accessible from Pixel 3 and newer phones. It will have Singaporean, Australian, Irish, and British English dialects.

Moving forward, there is a new Pixel-exclusive Pride wallpaper. This was created by UK illustrator and painter Ashton Attzs. Besides that, some LGBTQ+ artists and Youtubers have created some masterpiece Pride-themed ringtones and alerts.

Pixel Pride Wallpaper

Google Assistant upgraded?

In addition, from this new update, Google Assistant can answer and reject the call from now. We just need to wake it up with a “Hey Google” followed by either “Answer the call” or “Reject the call”. Now whether you want to pick the call or reject it is solely your choice, isn’t it?

Feature availability per device for the June 2021 Feature Drop_
Feature availability per device for the June 2021 Feature Drop
Pragya Sapkota
Pragya Sapkota
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