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Intex Smartwatch Price in Nepal – 2022 [Updated]

Intex Smartwatches are now available for sale on the Nepali market. There are three watches in the series with some interesting features. Intex is an Indian consumer electronics company that started business in 1996. Its founder is Mr. Narendra Bansal, and the company is one of the largest electronics brands in India. It manufactures smartwatch speakers, IT accessories, mobile accessories, personal care appliances, and much more. The main goal of Intex is “give people easy access to the latest connected technology and smart value products. In this article, we will discuss the Intex Smartwatch available in Nepal with its specifications and price.

Intex Smartwatch Price in Nepal – 2022 [Updated]

ModelIntex Smartwatch Price in Nepal
Intex FitRist StyleNPR 4,999
Intex FitRist ActiveNPR 6,499
Intex FitRist VogueNPR 6,999

Intex FitRist Style

The first smartwatch on our list is Intex FitRist Style. This is also the cheapest one in the series. It is a square-shaped watch with a metal body and with a 1.4-inch screen. It is also IP68 rated against water and dust resistivity.

Intex FitRist Style Price in Nepal

There are many notable health and fitness tracking features like SpO2 monitoring, Heart Rate monitoring, menstrual cycle tracking, and even a pedometer. It has eight different sports modes like running and swimming. Further, it supports REM sleep tracking as well.

You can connect the watch to your phone via Bluetooth v5.1 and check your data on the Intex FitRist app. The app has more than 200 watch faces and even lets you customize one.

Intex FitRist Style Color Options

Intex FitRist Style Specifications

  • Display: 1.4″ Vision Glass Display
  • Design: Square Premium Metal Body
  • Battery: 7 days Battery Life
  • Features: SpO2, 24 x 7 Heart rate, Menstrual cycle tracking, BP
  • Sports Mode: 8
  • IP Rating: Yes, IP68 dust and splash-proof
  • Color: Glaze Black, Ash Grey, Army Green
  • Intex FitRist Style price in Nepal: Rs. 4,999

Intex FitRist Active

The next on the line is Intex FitRist Active which costs you NPR 6,499. It is a circular smartwatch with a 33mm diameter that can sync up to 10 notifications at the same time. Another general feature is quite like the FitRist Style. You can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth which even leads you to call via it.

Intex FitRist Active Price in Nepal

There is a microphone and speaker on the watch, and it is protected under IP67 rating for water and dust resistivity. This is a downgrade from the FitRist Style which was IP68 rated. Moreover, you can have a battery life of 7 days with normal usage. And if you choose to keep it in standby mode, you can have up to 45 days.

Intex FitRist Active Color Options

Intex FitRist Active Specifications

  • Display: 33mm touchscreen
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Audio: Built-in speaker, mic
  • Battery: 7 days (typical), 45 days (standby)
  • Features: Blood Pressure, Blood Oxy Meter (SpO2), 24*7 Heart Rate Detector, Sports Mode
  • IP Rating: Yes, IP67 dust and splash-proof
  • Color: Carbon Black, Slate Grey, Military Green
  • Intex FitRist Active price in Nepal: Rs. 6,499

Intex FitRist Vogue

The last one and the priciest of the Intex Smartwatch is Intex FitRist Vogue which costs you NPR 6,999. This is not much of a difference between the price of FitRist Active and FitRist Vogue but still – every little penny counts. Even the feature of the watch is like FitRist Active. It is a 1.7-inch square-shaped watch with a Vision Glass Display and 550nits of brightness. The body is built up of metal and integrates an in-built AI assistant.

Intex FitRist Vogue Price in Nepal

Further, it is also IP67 rated for water and dust resistivity. There are around 13 sports modes like running, swimming, and cycling. Moreover, the health and fitness features include SpO2 monitoring, sleep tracking, menstrual cycle tracking, heart rate monitoring, BP check, and a guided breathing module.

Intex FitRist Vogue Color Options

Intex FitRist Vogue Specifications

  • Display: 1.7 inches Vision Glass Display, 218 PPI, 550 nits
  • Features: Heart rate, BP, SpO2, sleep tracking, breathing exercise, menstrual cycle, pedometer
  • Sports Modes: 13
  • IP Rating: Yes, IP67 dust and splash-resistance
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.1
  • Audio: Built-in speaker, mic
  • Battery: 230mAh battery, up to 7 days (typical)
  • Color: Titanium Silver, Sapphire Black, and Desert Gold
  • Intex FitRist Vogue price in Nepal: Rs. 6,999


These are all three smartphones from Intex that is available in the Nepali market right now. We have also seen the individual price of the Intex Smartwatch in Nepal alongside its specs and features. It is available on online platforms like Daraz and also in authorized retail stores.

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