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LG TV Price in Nepal

LG TV Price in Nepal; Choice of every Nepali From small idiot box of black and white to new smart tv set with advance features, from the time of one channel with fixed telecast hours to unlimited streaming of Netflix and Chill, television has seen a tremendous change. One of the companies which have walked through the rough patches leading to this advancement is LG. A world popular brand, which is the first choice of every Nepali, is giving its services to Nepali customers since ages.

That obvious quality doesn’t come with a price compromise, but LG also has come out with various varieties of TV sets; simple LED TV to smartest QLED. CG Electronics give services to its customers around the country. LG televisions come with different features, price ranges and offer along with warranty and free services for a limited time. So, make sure you do your business with authorized dealers and distributors only, to claim your endeavour. Let’s see the offered models along with LG TV Price in Nepal.

LG OLED TVs Price in Nepal

LG OLED TV modelsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
OLED55B6T55-inches, 4K UHD Rs. 3,99,990
OLED55C8PTA55-inches, 4K UHDRs. 4,89,990
OLED55C7T55-inches, 4K UHDRs. 4,89,990
OLED65C965-inches, 4K UHDRs. 6,29,990
OLED65C8PTA65-inches, 4K UHDRs. 6,29,990

LG Super UHD TVs Price in Nepal

LG Super UHD TV modelsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
55SJ850T55-inches, 4K UHDRs. 2,43,690
55SM810055-inches, 4K UHDRs. 2,49,990
55SK8500PTA55-inches, 4K UHDRs. 2,49,990
65SJ850T65-inches, 4K UHDRs. 3,32,990
65SM810065-inches, 4K UHDRs. 3,43,990
65SK8500PTA65-inches, 4K UHDRs. 3,43,990
86SJ957T86-inches, 4K UHDRs. 12,99,990

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LG UHD TVs Price in Nepal

LG UHD TV modelsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
43UK632043-inches, 4K UHDRs. 75,990
43UM730043-inches, 4K UHDRs. 77,590
49UK632049-inches, 4K UHDRs. 1,01,390
49UM730049-inches, 4K UHDRs. 1,03,290
55UM730055-inches, 4K UHDRs. 1,10,990
65UM730065-inches, 4K UHDRs. 1,91,990
75UK6500PTB75-inches, 4K UHDRs. 3,99,990
75UM760075-inches, 4K UHDRs. 3,99,990

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LG Smart TVs Price in Nepal

LG Smart TV modelsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
32LM630B32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 37,090
43LK570043-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 62,990
43LM570043-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 62,990
49LK570049-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 82,590

LG Normal (Non-smart) TVs Price in Nepal

LG Normal TV modelsSize & ResolutionPrice in Nepal
24LH454A24-inches HD (720p)Rs. 19,990
32LK526B32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 29,890
32LM550B32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 30,690
32LJ525D32-inches HD (720p)Rs. 34,890
43LJ523T43-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 52,790
43LJ525T43-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 52,790
43LK526043-inches FHD (1080p)Rs. 53,790

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