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Oppo introduced a 240W charging tech: Is it real?

Oppo has announced a fast charging solution at MWC 2022 event. It has even shown a demo for the 240W SuperVOOC charge. With this announcement, Oppo has stood on top of the fast charging solutions. In this post, we will talk about everything we know till now about the Oppo 240W SuperVOOC charging.

Oppo 240W SuperVOOC Charging

As we know, Xiaomi has the fastest charging technology with its 200W charging solution that can charge a 4,000mAh battery in under 8 minutes. But now, Oppo has stood before all with its new 240W SuperVOOC charging solution. They posted a video on all its social media handles which are seen as very impressive and worth a look. You can charge a 4,500mAh battery from 0-50% in just three and a half minutes and to reach 100% from 0, it will take only nine minutes. This is a great breakthrough since it is not like anything ever seen before.

Safety Check

Oppo claims to have taken a holistic approach for the safety of the adapter, charging cable, and the handset with which they minimize potential safety hazards and risks, providing an efficient and secure charging solution. There are five safety protection measures in the system. They have even customized a control chip to govern voltage, current, and temperature. Further, there are 13 temperature sensors inside the test device that keeps the check for overheating and other abnormalities on the device.

150W SuperVOOC Charging

Oppo has also announced a 150W charging tech solution with Battery Health Engine (BHE). It powers up with Oppo’s own customized battery management chip. There are two key technologies – Smart Battery Health Algorithm and Battery Healing. They optimize the hardware and software of the device to improve battery health and safety. The 150W SuperVOOC charging maintains 80% battery life even after 1,600 charging cycles. To note, this is twice what Xiaomi claims for 11i Hypercharge.

oppo 150W superVooc flash charge with BHE

Moving on, there is GaN (Gallium Nitride) to minimize the adapter size. We can notice the identical-sized chargers for 150W and 65W power in Oppo’s official blog.

Will it be commercial?

We have no idea if the 240W SuperVOOC charging will get commercial but the 150W is all set to enter the market with a OnePlus smartphone rumored to launch in the second quarter of 2022.

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