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Samsung DeX: Desktop experience on the go

Have you ever wanted that your smartphone can be ever used as a desktop? The Samsung facilitates such feature to connect your smartphone as a desktop. Devices like Galaxy S8, S8+, S9, S9+, S10e, S10, S10+, Note 8/9/9+/10/10+, and Tab S4 support this feature. Recently, Samsung added another feature that A90 5G variant also supports Samsung DeX. So, if you own any of these Samsung flagship devices then you can enjoy this feature.


This feature lets you use your smartphone as a desktop. It just simply needs a USB Type-C to HDMI cable that needs to be connected to an external monitor. This is an amazing experience to be able to use your smartphone as a desktop. We need not to carry our heavy laptops all the way.

Samsung DeX: Desktop experience on the go
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While connecting with the monitor, the phone’s screen can be used as a track-pad. Furthermore, a keyboard and a mouse can also be connected for convenience. It also supports USB hub so you need not to worry if you have wired keyboard and mouse. You can simply connect your keyboard and mouse using a USB hub.

Previously, a dock was required to connect device with monitor. But from Samsung S9 and Android Pie update users can enjoy the desktop experience without a dock. Use of type-C to HDMI cable is more than enough to get access to this feature.

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This feature is more likely to assist you while gaming, working, drawing and watching videos. You can do a presentation by just using your phone, so you need not to carry your bulky laptops. It is a whole new experience for everyone. Just like laptops, you can do multi-tasking, which makes easy to view many contents and work on multiple applications.

Samsung DeX: Desktop experience on the go

It changes the gaming experience from a mobile screen to a big screen. Most of the apps are optimized to work with Samsung DeX. Applications like YouTube, Adobe Sketch, MS Office Suite, Browsers, Skype, WPS office and many more applications are optimized to work flawlessly. Watching videos on the big screen is really nice to experience.


You can also install DeX on your Windows laptops as well as MacOS (this only works with Note 10 & 10+). Which provides ability to use the keyboard and track-pad of the laptop.

Samsung DeX: Desktop experience on the go
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It would be great if Samsung adds DeX feature to its budget segment like Galaxy A series (expect A90 5G) and M series. This feature is still in the development phase and there are lots of things to be improved.

In future, if external monitors could connect wireless, this feature can be more useful & reliable.

Sachin Dahal
Sachin Dahal
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