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Nepal’s own PUBG Servers pass the initial test; now up for installation

Nepal has received a PUBG server of its own. All Thanks to Worldlink for partnering with Tencent. PUBG has been a priority in major youngsters of Nepal. And since 90% of the population is in isolation because of the lockdown, the latency of the game has reached a peak. In addition, some domestic teams have been getting victory over victory in the international market which made it irresistible for the ISP providers to not bring our server to Nepal.

Worldlink PUBG Servers in Nepal

As confirmed by reports, Worldlink teamed up with Tencent and PUBG Mobile to install two CDN (Content Delivery Network). The rumors are that Worldlink will install a total of ten servers within the next year. However, only two of them have passed the initial tests.

The Nepalese PUBG players have been facing high latency or what we call in common words- ping. The new servers will reduce the level of ping giving you smooth gameplay.

We have reports that Nepal uses 20-25Gbps international bandwidth for PUBG. And Worldlink alone is responsible for 10Gbps of this total bandwidth.

Previously, when there were more complaints about the high latency while using TikTok, Worldlink installed 20 CDN servers across the country.

Pubg Server in Nepal

What should we expect?

The Local server reduces the loading time of the game and it makes it fast with enhanced looks. The latency will drastically reduce taking the gaming experience to a very high level. However, we are yet to see the level at which the gameplay will be boosted. But I guess, we’ll see it soon even maybe within a month or two.

With the better performance and faster response from the game, we can surely hope that the e-sports in Nepal will flourish even more and more in the upcoming days. The PUBG server in Nepal is expected to complete installation within a month.

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