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Google AR Smart Glasses to bring real-time language translation

Google has been teasing the AR Smart Glasses for quite a time now. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google mentioned them a few months back with a video that showed us some features of the glasses which of course, are still the prototypes. So, in this post, let’s see what we know about the Google AR Smart Glasses now.

Google AR Smart Glasses Overview

As we saw “simulated point of view” on the demo video, we are almost sure that when the product launches, it will have a different interface. However, the concept of the glasses will remain the same. We also got to see how the glasses work well with the real-time language translation by seeing the translation it did from mandarin and Spanish to English and the other way around respectively. In addition, we got to see how the transcribed text because of the glasses can help deaf people while communicating. And to top it off, the design looks like a normal pair, unlike the previous dumb-looking Google glasses.

Google AR Smart Glasses display

More efficient search

Moving on, there is a multi-search feature in the device including the “Multi-search Near Me” which will allow you to search images with the text “near me” to see if the item in the image is nearby. And Google is planning to integrate the system into the AR glasses so that you can search the item while looking at it.

Google AR Smart Glasses Availability

We are yet to know if the AR Smart Glasses will be available commercially soon. But Google assures us that it will happen soon in the upcoming future and that it will be one of the best things that exist. Now, all we can do is wait and see what Google brings us shortly.

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