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NTC Zero Balance Package for the needy people during COVID-19 lockdown

NTC Zero Balance Package; In the medical line, we have heard that viruses don’t discriminate and will affect every individual without any second thought. 2020 most highlighted virus or the topic we can say COVID-19 which has been spread all around the world and has already affected more than million people and has killed mero than one million people from all around the world. So, in context to Nepal, we have found 45 cases though our country is in lockdown. Now let talk but the services that are provided by the NTC to every individual of Nepal.

Nepal Telecom has offer “Zero Balance Package” to help in COVID-19 lockdown it is a package is to the needy customer to support the communication service in this period. 

Why is “NTC Zero Balance Package” is a supportive service and who benefits?

As lockdown is elongate labour and the people are in the process of returning the home. In that process, most people are in a situation where they are not able to afford to buy a recharge card. Due, to the lockdown every shop is closed so there, is no easy assess to bye the mobile balance and the problem is without enough balance there won’t be any calls and communication within the family member too. So it is the best service that is provided to those who don’t have a mobile balance.

ntc zero balance package
Image Source: Nepal Telecom Facebook Page

The customer who has less than 33paisa mobile balance is getting this service from the midnight od Baishak 8, 2077. If criteria are met than NTC will send a message to those number which has less balance. This service is limited in prepaid users only. NTC has already sent a message to the eligible users. The message has also said the customer also need to reply within 2 days to the same SMS as stated there, to get the package for free.

What’s in the ‘NTC Zero Balance Package’?

 It contains 3 main services which is mostly used in daily life as it is one of our basic need.

  • 100 MB data,
  • 50-minute voice call within Ntc number 
  • 25 SMS(on the net with Ntc mobile)

The package available in the zero balance offer is valid for 7 days. For More info visit https://ntc.net.np/.

Sachin Dahal
Sachin Dahal
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