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Ncell introduced a new 900MHz band on 4G LTE with Carrier Aggregation

Before some time, Ncell received tech-neutral bands of 900MHz and 2100MHz respectively. They were implemented to use for 4G and 3G mobile networks across the country. Now, the operation is actively started from 900MHz for 4G LTE. Let’s see what’s more to the Ncell VoLTE service and 4G LTE on 900MHz.

Ncell 4G LTE on 900MHz

Ncell 4G LTE has been running in some regions for quite a time now. It has an enhanced penetration power since the band is of low-frequency; 900MHz. It is supposed to have better coverage than the higher frequencies like 1800MHz. The increment is around 30% to 40%. The highly dense settlement areas can be very benefited from the facility.

Likewise, the other nice thing is that it has a minimum chance to interfere with other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices with higher frequencies. And since the components of 900MHz are available in most high-end devices due to the expensive parts.

In addition, the 900MHz can be used for 5G network connectivity in the future as the Tech Neutrality implementation has been done for the 900MHz band.

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Coverage Plans

Ncell has a one-year target for covering the network areas all over the country. However, as of today, it only covers 30% of the areas. Moreover, if Ncell meets the target and the network extends all over Nepal, it can enable Carrier Aggregation between 900MHz and 1800MHz. As of today, only Nepal Telecom is providing the facility in Nepal.


Ncell has planned to launch the VoLTE service with the same frequency for clear HD voice calls. Nepal Telecom has 1800MHz and 800MHz bands for the same facility which started a few months back.

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