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5G Antennas on Everest; Base camp now has 5G coverage

5G Antennas on Everest; Everest base camp now has 5G coverage. In 2020, we have seen many smartphones equipped with 5G-band like Samsung S20’s, One Plus 8 Series, Huawei P40 and so on. Recently, Huawei has done something related to 5G on Everest. They took an important step in the field of telecommunication and placed antennas that will provide 5G coverage to Everest. This was possible under the agreement signed between Huawei and Chinese operators. In cooperation with Huawei, China Mobile engineers placed 5G antennas on two separate levels, they were placed at 5,300 & 5,800 meters of the mountain. This historic moment was marked on April 19, 2020, with the hard work of 150 people who worked during the placement of 5G antennas.

5g antennas on everest

Difficulties During 5G Antenna Placement

But, placing the antennas on Everest was not easy. They had to transfer 8-ton material to the mountain as the desired altitudes were Everest Base Camp (5,300 meters) and Transition Camp (5,800 meters). Everest has 3G coverage since 2011 and 4G coverage since 2013, which helped climbers to share vital information and videos to the base camp. Placing 5G antennas on Everest and using stable 5G connection was hard. Looking after the harsh weather conditions, the improper supply of electricity and difficult geographical conditions it was like a daydream to many people.

On Everest, a total of five 5G NSA and SA antennas were installed which can deliver speed up to 1 Gbps at different points. Yes, you heard it right you can surf up to 1 Gbps on Everest which can bring significant changes on information’s exchange between climbers and the rest of the world. After the successful placement of 5G antennas on 5,300 meters and 5,800 meters they are now going for 6,500 meters which will begin on April 25, 2020. Summing up, China has taken the biggest leap in 5G service. Phew, that was a piece of hot news from the Everest.

Sachin Dahal
Sachin Dahal
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