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Some Must-know Features of the Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the most used virtual assistant in the global audience. It surpasses over 500 million active users as of today. Google has been constantly adding new and new features every few months. Where there are many commands to make day-to-day tasks easy, there are also some hidden features that unknown to almost half of the total users. In this post, we will be digging inside those Google Assistant hidden features which will make you get the most out of your Google Assistant.

Website Readings

Yes!! You heard it right!! Google Assistant reads the website for you. It can read any article available on the internet. You might know how to access the website already but now it will even read out loud for you. You can continue to daily tasks while playing the Google Assistant reads you your favorite content from a website.

You can open an article yourself or command Google Assistant. The next command for the assistant to start reading will be “read this page” or “read this article” or “read the screen”. Then the Google Assistant will start reading your content within a second or two.

Further, you can lock your phone and enjoy the audio. These features can be fast-forwarded, rewind, or fine-tuned within the narration speed. 

In-Built Shopping List

Another notable feature of Google Assistant is that it has a handy shopping list. For, what’s more, the list can be shared with your whole family. This might come useful when you need to update your lists spontaneously. When you’re working on your kitchen and your hands are full, you can just command the Assistant and the new moment you’ll have your list ready.

To use this feature, you can invoke the Google Assistant and command “add cheese to my shopping list” or “Remove egg from my shopping list”. You can later visit the list by the command “Show me my shopping list” or you can visit the Google Shopping List page.

In addition, if you want to add your family or friends on that list for the access, you can add them as a collaborator.

Smart-home manipulation

The whole world is digitalizing day by day. Everything has a smart set up to ease the complexities. The most notable example should be the Smart Home Devices. And now, you can use Google Assistant hidden features to manipulate them in a schedule you want. You can custom them and you don’t even need to touch them. Just command them through Google Assistant.

Image Source: Android Authority

For the execution of this feature, just say “turn off the lights at 8 PM” or “Turn on the heater for 30 minutes” or “Lock the doors” to your Google Assistant. Your command will be integrated within a second or two. You can use it to manipulate any Google or Android Smart Devices.

Screen-Based Commands

Imagine you see some product on a random website and you want to know more about it. What will you do? Will you open the next tab on google and then search about it? Well, you don’t have to anymore. You can just command your Google Assistant the information about the product on your screen. You don’t even have to specify the product.

Image Source: Android Authority

To use this feature, command the Google Assistant “Tell me about the product on screen” or “How much this cost in Amazon?”. The Assistant will now redirect you to what you want.

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Daily Routine

This can be a life-changing feature available to us yet. The routine manipulates include the multiple Google Assistant commands all executing at once. You can also custom manage it according to your preference. For example, when you wake up in the morning you can make it read the news to you or read you about the day you planned time.

To use this feature just custom your preference at the Google Assistant Routine panel. You can also create alarms for your remainders.


In short, these are some of the most know Google Assistant hidden features available to us via our most used virtual assistant. Apart from these, there are hundreds of other great features that help us maintain our course of daily life. Let’s make out life even better with the above features.

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