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How to Get e-Pass for the Vehicle in Lockdown?

The Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal has started E-pass for operating essential vehicles in all parts of Nepal during this nationwide lockdown. The purpose of the government to issue E-pass is to regulate transportation and to minimize the risk of spread of COVID-19 virus. The government made the decision to provide E-pass for needy individuals, during a press conference held on April 13 and the decision has been implemented and operated from Tuesday (14th April 2020). Vehicle passes are made available only for the service providers of sectors like health services, media, electricity/telecommunication, banking, waste management, food transportation and so on. The pass is also made available to individuals attending a funeral.

The table below shows the sectors that are granted permission. You can find more information on their website https://epass.moha.gov.np/.

Source: Ministry of home Affairs

How to apply for E-pass?

In order to get E-pass, you should fill up a form available in the Ministry of Home Affairs.

  • Vist: https://epass.moha.gov.np/
  • You are provided with two option; Personal or Vehicle, choose your desired option
  • Enter your Name, Mobile no., Address, Area of access and district
  • Upload your ID; Citizenship, Passport, Driving License, Voter ID, Employee ID, PAN Card
  • Fill up the time span for the E-pass
  • Fill up your Vehicles Details either bus, truck, four-wheeler or two-wheeler
  • Also, upload the supporting document for your service category to get the pass.

You can see the format of the pass form below or visit https://epass.moha.gov.np/ for more info. Also, we request you not use this service for unnecessary purpose as the government has provided this facility only for unavoidable circumstances.

how to get e-pass
How to get E-pass? https://epass.moha.gov.np/

We request you to not to misuse the E-pass. The misuse of the pass may result in action by the government. Let’s help the government, let’s not burden it.

Sachin Dahal
Sachin Dahal
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