Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal [UPDATED]

Many people are unaware of Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal; this post is for those who want to keep up with the latest price of Samsung devices. Samsung is well known for its smartphone lineup. Ranging from budget to flagship they don’t disappoint us with the pricing. Currently, the cheapest smartphone from Samsung is Samsung A2 core to Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus & Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. For the mid-range smartphone, they have come up with A-series and M-series. Want to know about the pricing?

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal

Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20 Plus

The main highlight of S20’s is there display and design. Both Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus features 6.2 inches QHD panel with 20:9 aspect ratio. This time Samsung has given high refresh rates to these display i.e 120 Hz display, which can help gamers and heavy users buttery smooth experience. But the higher refresh rate is only available when the screen resolution is FHD+.

samsung mobile price in nepal

The new S20 and S20 plus have 64-megapixel shooter while the ultra-version has the eye-popping 108-megapixel shooter out of the box. The other big upgrade is the optical zoom where Samsung tried outrunning its competitors The regular and the plus variant get a 30X zoom. The Korean tech giants upgraded their battery capacity and here’s how the models measure up 4000mAh for the S20 and 4500mAh for the plus and power-wise all the models of the new S20 come with a 25W fast charger in the box.

However, the extension of the battery and fast charging is to power the 120 Hz AMOLED display. The display is going to be fluid, crisp and more smooth while playing videos and games. Most of today’s phones have 60 Hz while the new in the bunch like the OnePlus 7 Pro and the Pixel has 90 Hz displays. The new iPad Pro has the 120 Hz display. The fast refreshing screen is an added advantage as all three S20s have 8K video recording at 24 fps and it makes a great viewfinder. S20 has also introduced the “ Night Hyperlapse” mode that can make light streaks from cars in motion, for example, is a definite tryout after getting hands on it.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Price in Nepal Rs. 1,07,499

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Price in Nepal Rs. 1,19,499

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 & Note 10 Plus

Note series is well known for its powerful performance, big screen and a powerhouse that will last all day long with heavy usage. Both Note 10 and Note 10+ have similar kinds of specs but with extra money paid Note 10+ offers slightly new added features.

The built quality of this phone is absolutely great. It feels premium on hand and the colour choice of the phone is also great. There is no doubt that these devices have the best display in the mobile market. Note 10 offers a 6.3 inch dynamic AMOLED screen whereas  Note 10+ offers a 6.8 inch dynamic AMOLED screen both able to produce vivid colours and contrast that pleases us and provides a really nice experience while watching videos, playing games and surfing the internet as well. Both the devices have the feature of always-on display and are under Corning Gorilla glass protection.

Both devices come with the latest Android version i.e. Android (9.0) with Samsung One UI and it is user-friendly. In Nepal, only the Exynos 9825 is available. It is a very power efficient 7nm chip and can easily our daily activities without any trouble. Both devices come with Octa-core CPU and Mali-G76 MP12 GPU which is really nice for the gaming experience.

Talking about the camera, these devices have one of the best cameras. Samsung Note 10 has a triple rear camera triple camera setup aligned vertically with LED flash. There is a 12MP wide lens (f/1.5-2.4), a 12MP telephoto lens (f/2.1) and a 16MP ultra-wide lens (f/2.2). in the case of Note 10+, there is an extra feature i.e. an additional lens for TOF(Time Of Flight) 3D VGA. With this extra lens, we are able to animate the real-world objects. One of the interesting features on this device is that, while recording video it features a zoom-in mic feature which helps to reduce the noise and increase the sound quality from where the camera is focusing in the meantime. There is a single camera in front of the device, it’s a 10MP (f/2.2).

Note 10 only has an 8 GB RAM version while Note 10 plus gives you options to have 12 GB RAM as well. While we are still talking about differences, Note 10 does not come with an SD card slot while the Note 10 Plus does come with an SD card slot that can be expanded up to 512 GB. The S-pen has various upgraded features than the previous generation. This time it comes with Bluetooth 5.0. has the accelerometer and gyroscope which allow us to control some of the features remotely.

The huge 4,300 mAh battery allows the Note 10 Plus to last longer compared to 3,500 mAh battery provided in Note 10. Samsung claims that charging the Note10+ for 30 minutes is enough to last you through the day. Note 10 blazingly fast charging speed can be seen with its 45W charger which is yet to be released. But for now, you can use their 25W charger that ships in the box.

Samsung Note 10 Price in Nepal Rs. 1,19,399

Samsung Note 10 Plus Price in Nepal Rs. 1,29,599

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